Mystical Creature Found in La Jolla

While in CA we enjoyed many days working at the ocean. One day was different than the rest, you could feel the magic in the air as we walked closer to the stairs leading us to the misty La Jolla beach. With one foot at the top of the steps we were distracted by a cute little squirrel, no ordinary squirrel though. He called himself Jerry, and warned us of the sight we might see. We were excited for an adventure at the beach, grabbed hold of our cameras and headed to the rocks where Jerry said our fate awaited.

squirrel at the beach

The ocean water was sparkling abnormally bright when we heard a quaint voice murmur from behind a rock “Over here, I think you’er looking for me”. We shuffled our feet closer hauling our lighting equipment, when a head popped out from behind the rock. Indeed she is exactly who and what we were looking for.

hiding mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

To the average eye she may have just been a gorgeous beach beauty, but we knew that there was something extra special about her. As we rounded the rock we could see her sparkling fins transforming into feet, developed enough to stand but not ready to walk. It didn’t take long for us to start photographing the beautiful mermaid named “Remele Sparks”.

behind the scenes photographer mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

She told us her story, which in short was that she was separated from her pod of mermaids and had landed ashore. Just touching the beach started her transformation into a human. We photographed her calling out to her fellow mermaids, sadly with no response.

mermaid sounds mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

She offered us some delicacies of her mer-people, knowing that we hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Although the gesture was sweet we declined and she happily got to have the entire strand of seaweed for herself.

sexy seaweed mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

As the sun began to set it was obvious she needed to find a way back out to the deep ocean; however, her new feet were sprouting and her hopes were sinking.

sunset la jolla mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

She stayed strong, hopeful and pleasant as the pink sunset filled the sky and her mermaid life began to fade.

sunset pink mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

Remele Sparks took shelter over night in a dark cave, watching for unruly surfers or news crews that might find her. She welcomed us to stay and keep her company until she could be safe either on land or in the sea.

blue cave mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

The next morning was miraculous. Her many calls for help were finally heard. A merman, who had once been beached in the same spot, rescued her. He promised us he would take good care of her as he taught her about the living on the land. We keep in touch with them to this day & they have lived Happily Ever After.

sailor found mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

Some like talking squirrels

Some like walking mermaids

Some Like It Shot

One thought on “Mystical Creature Found in La Jolla

  1. Nice idea, nice pictures!
    We have a very small seaweed company in New Zealand and I find your pictures interesting, maybe as a way to attract attention and dazzle people about seaweed. Seaweed is a super food and incredibly good for you, but many people resist eating it because of a false idea they have about the taste & texture
    Could I get permission to use 1 or 2 of your mermaid photographs and give credits? It wouldn’t be for repetitive use, just occasional. Many thanks

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