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  • First things first: Be You. On the day of your photoshoot if you are not wearing clothes that look like who you are (fancy version of yourself or casual everyday you), then you aren’t being yourself. This doesn’t necessarily count for people participating in creative photoshoots where the goal is to look different, but it should be the most important aspect of a portrait photoshoot. The purpose of the photoshoot is to show ‘you’ off! So take the list of tips I am about to share to your closet and find something that shows off ‘you’ best in photos.
  • For most photoshoots we are going to request that you bring at least 2 outfits for anyone being photographed. This is a benefit for you because really it is a safety net  incase you like a certain look better and you didn’t realize it before. We highly encourage wearing 2 different styles/looks; a casual outfit/nice outfit, a dark outfit/light outfit, a normal outfit/uniform, dress/pants, shorts/pants … you may favor one over the other in the results that you didn’t expect.
  • If we’re going to a location that may not have a bathroom near by please remind us to bring our changing tent…or make sure you have magic changing abilities in your car or undergarments that make changing easy and safe in public.
  • Consider the weather and dress for the current temperatures. No matter how cute that short dress may be, it won’t look good if you look cold and miserable in it.
  • Please wear  at least 1 mostly solid colored outfit, especially if you want our professional help in the photoshop shaping department later – (stripes can be OK on kids but ladies really avoid horizontal stripes, they tend to make people look wider than they really are. Patterns being altered in general are hard to hide as we are shaping.). More importantly we want the focus to be on you and not the pattern of your clothes… unless of course you are purposely going for quirky, which we’re cool with too.
  • Think about where you want to post the photos and which color of clothes would go best in that area.
  • Wear clothes that fit you appropriately. *Try them on before your photoshoot with enough time to choose something different without stress* Slim and sleek looks better than baggy. It is comfy but comes off as sloppy in photos and makes you look larger than you really are. PPPPPlease don’t wear clothes that are too tight – we will help pose you throughout your photoshoot and you’ll need to be able to sit, squat, lean and move around without discomfort … and without strange bulges due to the outfit being too tight…oh and being able to breath is essential to all photoshoots.
  • Launder and iron your clothes, We will not iron your clothes for you (in person or in photoshop lol).
  • Wear classic styles if you don’t want your photos to look dated.
  • Bring your favorite items! If you like them on an everyday basis, you are going to love them in photos.
  • Wear accessories that ‘pop’ such as chunky jewelry, fun shoes, a brightly-colored blazer, a tie, a vest, sunglasses or dress hats… GUYS hats only in a few photos not all of them unless the photoshoot is of you alone. We can explain why in the consultation but it comes down to lighting for your shaded faces versus lighting on everyone else and takes away from the others.
  • If you wear glasses and are comfortable wearing contacts instead that will make our lives a lot easier. We know it isn’t always possible though, just know we will be working around glare and reflection. Sometimes people will wear glasses frames without the lenses in, it is an illusion and you won’t be able to see, but you will not have to worry about any glare in your photos preventing us from seeing your eyes.
  • We love props please bring them for a few photos; if you play an instrument, have a hobby/talent, favorite book, or a favorite article of clothing or just a meaningful item, bring it with you. These personal items can help show ‘You’ better in the photos.
  • Remember to get your nails done or paint them at home. Make sure the color you choose goes well with your outfits and won’t steal the focus away from your face. BTW sometimes toes will be seen too so it is better to paint them as well just incase.
  • Don’t over tan or spray tan – our lights pick up orange easily, even if you don’t see it normally it might look orange in photos. We suggest not tanning/spray tanning for at least 72 hours before hand…if you’ve never done it before we suggest not doing it before a photoshoot. We’re seen spotted skin, splotchy, and don’t get us started on red burnt faces and crazy tan lines… avoid doing anything crazy in the sun before your photoshoot.
  • Wear antipersperant (invisible not white) or clothes that don’t emphasize sweaty spots – especially in the armpit area.
  • Schedule hair appointments at least 72 hours in advance for a more natural look.
  • It is OK to splurge on professional hair and makeup for photos – we require it for some styles (boudoir & pin up) but for all kinds a great stylist can make magic happen. We would be happy to recommend a stylist, please ask. :) For both hair & make-up the trusted and true stylists we know range between $100-200. The photos will last forever, why not make the best of them.
  • If you normally don’t wear make-up a good make-up artist can offer a very natural look that will still help even out skin tones without making you look like you’re wearing a ton of make-up. I still recommend some mascara, tinted lip gloss (even chapstick is better than nothing), powder, and a little blush. Our lighting may wash you out a little (the reason why actors wear heavy stage make-up) and we want you to look healthy – if you look completely pale and dry it may come off as ill in the photos. On that note; please don’t expect us to photoshop your face to look like you did your make-up if you didn’t – we base our level of photoshop on the level of effort you put into it first.
  • Trim those nose hairs, we’ve got cameras that get up close and if the lighting is just right they will be noticeable.
  • Guys, if you’re balding and tend to have a shiny spot (especially if you sweat a lot in the spot) remind us to bring some shine reduction powder that will help with all the photos. It is transparent but helps in the shiny spot problem areas perfectly.
  • FOR GROUPS make sure you are all in the same color scheme: earth tones, primary colors, pastel colors, neon colors etc. You do not need to look match-matchy but being in the same ball park would be great. If you’re going with a theme we’re cool with that everyone in super hero patterns (yep, breaking the law about patterns), wearing your favorite band’s tshirts, or something festive and silly all together.
  • TOPS Outfits with sleeves are more flattering to arms, so unless you’re young and/or in good physical shape we recommend outfits with sleeves.
  • Consider a v-neck top. Turtlenecks, thick scarves and large cowl sweaters can add bulk to your appearance. V-necks and open collars elongate the neck and body and bring the focus to your face.
  • A simple, dark top allows the focus to be on your face instead of your shirt. An added bonus of dark clothes is that are visually slimming.
  • Avoid all white, not only does it usually make people look larger than they really are but it is also typically difficult for finding the perfect undergarment, can’t tell you how many times we can see the undershirt (men) bra (women) etc when people wear white for photos. If you want that clean white look we suggest paying extra Extra attention to what it looks like in outdoor lighting, with the sun infront of you and behind you first.
  • BOTTOMS A good pair of boots can make any girl’s legs look great.
  • Heels help you maintain better posture if you can handle wearing them but please do think about the type of ground we will be walking around on… You can switch into heels last minute from sandals if it is quick and easy as we walk from point to point. Barefoot at the beach is nicest so if we’re doing beach photos expect your toes to show.
  • Darker colors are a visual trick for looking slim, we highly recommend that one of your outfit has darker colored bottoms.
  • Avoid white shoes, guys that’s you. Please avoid white tennis shoes, we try to taper our lighting so that the brightest area of a photo is on your face but if you wear white shoes typically it is the first thing people will see in a photo and our light may shine off of them.
  • BEACH PHOTOS are awesome!! but if you’re really particular about your hair, you’ll need to have it styled very tight or welcome the wind blown look.
  • Remember your feet, paint your nails and exfoliate, or bring shoes that look natural in the sand.
  • Sunscreen – avoid sunscreen with zinc oxide in it unless you want to look like a Cullen Vampire. The zinc oxide is what gives off a glowing white look and especially when light (like maybe our lighting) bounces off of it.
  • HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS you get to wear 3 outfits. Besides the 2 regular ones we recommend something special for the 3rd … cap & gown, team uniform, cosplay, prom/homecoming dress, something in your school colors that is completely whacky, etc.
  • MATERNITY if you’re doing a time lapse as part of our New Life package you’ll need to wear the same outfit to all of your photoshoots for just a short time. So it needs to be very very flexible and also needs to show off your size. Cotton outfits work great for this.
  • For the only time ever probably we are emphasizing your size, so ignore the sliming tips – stripes are ok, patterns are ok.
  • Think of the colors you plan on decorating the baby’s area with and how your outfit could match well in that space.
  • Show as much or little skin as you’d like – we love seeing baby bellies!
  • If you don’t want your tummy hairs showing don’t forget to shave the ones you can’t see from your view.
  • BOUDOIR outfits range a lot – technically you don’t have to wear anything if you just want to play with a nice sheet instead. We only offer classy posing and implied nude images – no full on naked shots.
  • Corsets look great in photos! We love them!
  • Please cut off tags that show with see-through outfits
  • Fresh new stockings might be necessary, snags and runs don’t look great in photos.
  • Besides patterns like stripes, the hardest thing to photoshop during shaping is fishnets … and sometimes the net pattern is wider in one area than another so really double check them on your legs first in a mirror before deciding to wear fishnets.

If you’re stressed trying to decide, just remember the most important thing; Be You!

P.S. Bring a few outfits to your consultation and we can help you select our favorites.

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