Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Spring is here in Seattle finally! Flowers are blooming, trees have blossoms, and birds are chirping. If we’re lucky the sun even peaks out to say hello. This week the sun has decided to give us a few days of dry beauty, and I had the best intention to go up to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival today and play amongst the tulips and daffodils. The best part about ‘today’ specifically is Mt Vernon’s ‘worlds largest garage & antique sale’!


This morning I woke up, and wish I was as excited to go up north as I was yesterday. Essentially my body convinced my mind to take a day to myself and let Holland go alone. I stayed home with our dogs and here I am sharing photos from last year – because that is how far behind I am with processing personal photos (am I the only photographer who has this problem?).


Incase you’ve never been, the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival happens in April each year in Mt. Vernon WA. There is a street fair, parade, giant garage sale, and flower gurus from around the world come to basque in the view of rows upon rows of tulips.


What you may not realize is that there are a lot of tulip farms that do not allow photography of any sort of their flowers. :/ Sad reality when you’ve driven up that far for photos of the beauty.


We did find a couple farms that welcome photographers if you bring their preprinted photography release. Our favorite flower farm is Roozengaarde which is where all these photos were taken.  They allow preregistered photographers to take photos; however, you still have to follow their guest rules (understandable); you have to stay on the path, not allowed to walk or stand in the rows, no picking flowers (that seems like a given but I supposed people do) … and to clarify we bought a flower in the garden store to take photos with.


Every year the Tulip Festival has a photo contest from guests photos taken of the tulips, which I find to be a little funny since no photos are allowed at many farms but Roozengaarde provides amazing views, as does the surrounding mountains and sky.



The adventure we went on last year included our friend Jessie. We each had high aspirations to buy and grow our own tulip but neither of us are flower growers and neither of our flowers/bulbs survived the first month. I will just stick with my vegetable garden from now on.



Don’t be fooled by the photos, I didn’t really wear heels in the mud the entire time. The area had so much rainfall the week before that the ground was mushy mud. The heels only came out for photos and even standing in one space with them was difficult.


I have my own Pacific Northwest Bucket List and this was a nice adventure to complete our first year back in WA State. I liked the idea of doing pin ups here and would love to convince a farm to let us have a pin up photo day amongst the flowers sometime. Until then I get to admire the photos taken in the mud on our Tulip Festival Adventure.


Some like muddy fun


Some like colorful flowers


Some Like It Shot


Thank you Roozengaarde for allowing photographers to capture the beauty you work so hard to grow!

UPDATE! We made a huge detour after a photoshoot later in the month and so I DID get to see the tulips this year. :)

tulip festival roozengarde mt vernon wa red photography by


sunset at Roozengaarde Tulips Festival 2014 by

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    • Thanks Sue!! We were happy she came along as well. It was a fun day…I was secretly wishing my tulip would surprise me this year but it did not pop up.

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