Naughty Nettie D’Vine

First time pin up, Nettie D’Vine, is surely meant to be a pin up more often. She brought some sunshine to our Homemaker Pin Up and Artwork day during our 2013 West Coast Tour. After being transformed into a 50’s pin up dame, thanks to Stylist Remele Sparks,  we took her photos on a plain backdrop, which were later extracted and transformed into this fun artwork image “Smokin’ Hot Nettie D’Vine”.

smokin' hot Nettie D'Vine with the Dodge car springing a leak pin up artwork by

We started off the portraits with a pretty in pink look, playing on the couch and later with some vinyl and cocktails. Good ole fashion fun.

pretty in pink Nettie D'Vine pin up photography by

It takes a special kind of sexy to make doing dishes look this good; she definitely pulled it off, and with hardly any effort needed. Nettie does catalog modeling, she certainly can get attention with the smile in her eyes alone.

bright and happy kitchen Nettie D'Vine pin up photography by

It was a sunny day, so we played outside by the pool, for a cool relaxed look.

cat eye glasses and sass Nettie D'Vine pin up photography by

Although wearing a poker face wasn’t really her strength, it’s hard to know if she’s bluffing or not with this expression…and peeps, eyes on the cards!

You can't see my cards Nettie D'Vine pin up photography by

We are honored to be her first pin up photographers and hope to see her continue with more pin up fun! She certainly has what it takes as a model and the many expressions a pin up should make.

Some like pin ups in pink

Some like pin ups with sinks

Some Like It Shot

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