Sizzling Sassy Celeste PinUp

Washington summers have always been beautiful with the shimmer off of the green trees and flowers all around. In more recent years I feel like it has been getting sizzlin’ hot too and Sassy Celeste proclaimed summer pinups are no longer just for CA girls!

Sassy Celeste pinup in Hood Canal Puget Sound, blue skies, Wa, stylist Nina Young, © western washington

It all started out sweet and innocent, posing with the shiny red Chevy truck in a knee length yellow dress, we took photos in the trailer it was pulling as well.

Sassy Celeste PinUp with Ford Truck Kent WA

The sweet and innocent look didn’t last long though, after all these were a surprise for her husband over seas and we were pretty sure he would be interested in some sassy photos.

Sassy Celeste PinUp, stylist Nina Young, © Seattle, Kent, Tacoma WA

Once the pencil skirt and convertibles were ready it was the true Sassy Celeste style.

Sassy Celeste with Chevelle cooling off, stylist Nina Young, © Seattle Tacoma WA

I’m positive he liked the photos!

Sassy Celeste pinUp sepia with Ford Galaxy, stylist nina young, © Puget Sound WA

It was an All American pinup summer day in Hood Canal with Sassy Celeste!

All American Ford Pin Up Sassy Celeste with the Galaxy, flag and reflection, ©, Western WA

Some like it summers at the beach

Some like cruising in convertibles

Some Like It Shot

(Special Thanks to Truck & Galaxy Owner Mike Anderson, and Chevelle Owner Danielle Anderson, and stylist Nina Young)

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