Miss South Sound Suzy PinUp Pageant 2015

Second annual “Miss South Sound Suzy” Pin Up Pageant/Bake Sale at the Car Show 4 Kids in Auburn, WA on July 18th 2015! A benefit for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

Miss South Sounds Suzy PinUp Pageant 2015


  • June 1st 2015 Pin Up Pageant Contestant Submissions Closed
  • June 14th 2015 Mandatory Contestant Meeting (Kent, WA)
  • July 18th 2015 Car Show 4 Kids Pin Up Pageant & Bake Sale 


As a big part of mid-century life, many towns had their own pageant queen. Although today we have modern pin up swimsuit pageants and some more risqué pin up pageants, we rarely see a family friendly vintage pin up pageant. Our vision is to bring back an authentic vintage feel and family friendly pageantry for the 2015 Car Show 4 Kids, a Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Benefit. Contestants will be participating in a Pin Up Pageant/Pin Up Bake Sale fundraiser in support of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, a Hula Hoop Contest, and a Doughnut Eating Contest. The term ‘Suzy’ comes from the 1950’s “Suzy Homemaker” style that contestants will be dressed as – we don’t believe that these women are actually homemakers but maybe their homemaker alter-ego will show for 1 day for a good cause.

PART 1. Read the description and rules. Submit your entry form (scroll to the bottom of this page) and your non-refundable $20 entry fee (you will be emailed once we receive your entry) before June 1st 2015 (ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED). If you decide to not participate or cannot make the mandatory meeting the $20 entry fee is still non-refundable.

PART 2 ENTER WITH YOUR PHOTO/NAME/BAKED GOOD. Your Pin Up NamePhoto and the name of your Baked Good item will be posted online in our 2015 Miss South Sound Suzy Pageant Contestants listed on this web page and our Miss South Sound Suzy Facebook Page (invite friends!) There is no voting online, we just want to let other contestants know they will not be alone, and what delicious baked goods will be available to everyone attending the event. The more contestants the merrier, so please feel free to share this with your friends. We don’t want to double up on baked goods, so sign up early to call dibs on what you will be bringing. When stylists contact us to donate their time and skills, they will be offered to the pin ups in the order of who submitted their pin up entry first. So please sign up early!

PART 3 ATTEND THE MEETING. We have a mandatory meeting for all contestants on June 14th (Sunday) in the afternoon/evening in Kent, WA. This way we can go over details, meet each other, ask/answer any questions that may be on your mind. If you cannot attend this meeting you will not be able to participate in the pageant, it is mandatory. We chose a Sunday evening in hopes that the most amount of you will be able to attend.

PART 4 MAKE A BAKED GOOD. Pageant contestants will make a specific baked good of their choice (such as cakes, pies, cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, etc) Baked goods must be **hand made by contestant** (this might be the tough part for some). Each contestant needs to make 6 (or more) servings of their baked goods (6 cupcakes, 6 pairs of cookies, 6 slices of pie) the more the merrier. We suggest making them the night before, as they need to be ready for sale in the morning. Your baked good is a part of the pageant contest and baked goods will be sold as a fundraiser to those who attend the Car Show 4 Kids100% of funds raised by the Bake Sale will go to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

PART 4 ATTEND THE SHOW IN STYLE. Pin Up Contestants will attend the Car Show 4 Kids event in Auburn WA, July 18th rain or shine. We ask that you arrive at 8:30A for set-up/registration etc and stay through Awards which start at 3PM ending around 3:30P or so. Contestants are to be styled head to toe as cheese-cake/bubblegum/Suzy homemaker pin ups. Style should include things like knee length cutsie vintage dresses, petticoats, etc. A more rockabilly version & wiggle dresses are welcome but in the attempt to keep this a family-friendly, fair and authentic Suzy-look we are requiring all outfits to be knee length and appropriate for an audience with children. Outfits will need to be pre approved this year. Contestants are to provide their own styling, or can have help with styling by a professional. We can provide some recommendations if you want help with hair & make-up. We also have two helpful links that may help you find something to wear:  wardrobe suggestions and store suggestions

Part 5 HAVE FUN In the morning we will take a pin up pageant group photo while everyone has fresh hair & make-up. Throughout the day contestants will be photographed candidly by Some like It Shot Photography (we are not offering everyone mini photoshoots this year). Contestants are welcome to be photographed by other photographers with cars IF the car owners have given them permission. Contestants are encouraged to meet ‘n greet with car show attendees to encourage baked good sales and votes as long as they are not harassing anyone. Besides the grand prize for the pin up pageant winner we will also have 3 ways in which contestants can earn prizes! Besides  “Miss Classy Chassis”: which is voted on by the pin ups for their favorite contestant other than themselves, this year we will have a Hoola Hoop Contest mid day & a fun doughnut eating contest near the end of the day! Again this is good old fashion fun for all. We personally believe it is a great girls day for friends or family to participate together.

VOTING Throughout the day there will be a ballot for everyone attending the car show to cast a vote on their favorite pin up, located at the Car Show table. Only one vote per person. *Do Not deliver ballots for attendees to the ballot table please. I know it seems convenient and courteous but it also looks very suspicious and we would rather not feel like anyone is cheating.* Ballots will be tallied and “Miss South Sound Suzy 2015″ will be announced with the Car Show Awards at 3P.

PRIZES & TITLES (not exchangeable – not redeemable for cash) :


  1. All contestants will receive 1 edited Group Photo, 8×10″ metallic paper print, mailed to you as a thank you for participating …and some great memories!

2015 MISS SOUTH SOUND SUZY (Voted by the contestants and attendees at the Car Show 4 Kids)

  1. A Sparkly Tiara Miss South Sound Suzy Tiara 2014
  2. A Sash that says 2015 Miss South Sound Susy (& the Car Show 4 Kids logo)
  3. A free private pin up photoshoot package with Some Like It Shot Photography on a separate day, total value of $760 (hair & make-up styling is included, a disc of 15 edited digital images and an 8×10 metallic paper print )
  4. We are hoping to photograph Miss South Sound Suzy with one of the Car Show winners to be used for advertising of the event in 2016.

MISS HULA HONEY (Winner of our Hula Hoop Contest)

  1. A Sash that says 2015 Miss Hula Honey
  2. A free private pin up photoshoot with Some Like It Shot Photography on a separate day, total value of $400 (hair & make-up styling is included) Images are a separate purchase.

MISS DELECTABLE DELIGHT (Winner of our Doughnut Eating Contest)

  1. A Sash that says 2015 Miss Delectable Delight
  2. A $200 Gift Certificate toward any kind of photoshoot with Some Like It Shot Photography.

MISS CLASSY CHASSIS (Voted favorite by the Pageant Contestants)  

Just before awards, pageant contestants will all vote for their favorite pin up contestant (other than themselves) for a special prize. This cannot be the same person who wins Miss South Sound Suzy – it will be awarded to the next highest vote.

  1. A Sash that says 2015 Miss Classy Chassis
  2. A $200 Gift Certificate toward any kind of photoshoot with Some Like It Shot Photography.

Rules for Pin Up Contestants:

  • 18 years and older
  • Photos submitted for online entry must not be provocative or nude in any way – by entering the competition and submitting your image you are agreeing that you have rights and permission from the photographer for use of their image in the contest. We will give them credit, please let us know their name.
  • Must attend the contestant meeting June 14th 2015 in person in Kent WA.
  • Contestants must dress up head to toe and attend the car show all day in a pin up 40s/50s knee length dress/skirt/ pin up look July 18th 2015
  • Must provide home baked goods for the bake sale, baked by the contestant
  • Must sign a model release for photos taken by Some Like It Shot & for the Car Show 4 Kids
  • Must be available in the South Puget Sound area for a photoshoot if they win Miss South Sound Suzy 2015
  • Must attend the 2016 Car Show in Tiara & Sash.
  • Contestants May Not Win The Miss South Sound Suzy Pageant more than once.

Rules for Photographers attending:

  • Yes we would LOVE other photographers taking photos. Amateurs and professionals trying to build their portfolio etc are welcome if you follow the set photography guidelines:
  • You must provide at least 1 image (digital or print – with or without your logo) for each pin up you photograph as a thank you for their time and effort getting ready and posing for photos. This rule is so that nobody is getting taken advantage of at a charity event.
  • You must ask permission from the pin ups to photograph them (there will be a photo request card for you to give them your contact information)
  • We request that you only photograph the pin ups who were kind enough to participate in our pin up pageant. They’ve earned your camera love by donating their time and baking talents for the cause that this event is based on. I am sure there will be other ladies there, but out of respect for the ones who participated please focus on the ladies involved in the bake sale & pin up pageant they will have contestant name tags.
  • You must get a model release signed if you plan on selling the image or submitting the image of the pin up for publication/s. (standard photographer stuff)
  • You must ask permission from the car prior to photographing them too and get a release from the owner for selling images or submitting them to publications (standard for car shows – some will say, yes some will say no, some will have extra rules if they say yes… all of them feel sad when their car is photographed and they never see a photo, so please share your photo with them too.)
  • No shooting of another photographers pose and/or car set up without prior permission (aka no shooting over the shoulder of another photographer). Be friendly, be respectful, and make new photographer friends instead of photographer rivals.
  • No pin up hoarding; if there are plenty of photographers the girls should be rotated so everyone gets photos from a variety of photographers with a variety of models.

If you are a pin up/vintage store, hair stylist or make-up artist and would like to make a donation to the Miss South Sound Suzy pin up pageant we would LOVE that!! Here are some options:

  • 1. You can make a raffle prize that will be raffled at the Car Show 4 Kids.
  • 2. You can give us a small gift for each pin up contestant
  • 3. Many contestants may not have the outfit, accessories, hair or make-up styling skills for the event. MANY would like some help!! Please email us at info@somelikeitshotphotography.com to connect you with a participant so you can style her the morning of the Car Show Photoshoot.


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