BarkFest Aug. 26th 2017

BarkFest is August 26th 2017 9am-1pm!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to support Auburn Valley Humane Society! We were able to donate an additional $80 to help animals in need, on top of the $200 pet photoshoot prize for the Costume Contest! Congrats to Shania the Chihuahua Back-Up Singer for winning 1st place in the 2017 Barkfest Costume Contest!

cocker spaniel freckles by some like it shot

  • Includes a 10 minute pet-only mini photoshoot at Auburn Valley Humane Society‘s BarkFest located at Roegner Park in Auburn, WA 
  • $10 from each photo mini will be donated to Auburn Valley Humane Society.
  • Only 1 or 2 pets per photoshoot.  
  • Includes 1 large digital image (photographer’s choice) with leashes edited out and have the option to order other images in print or digital format from an online ordering gallery available for 6 months.
  • At Barkfest the Auburn Valley Humane Society will have games with s like muttsicle chairs … the Costume Contest is a prize for a free private pet photoshoot ($200 value) from Some Like It Shot

Reserve Your Time Now!! Complete The Form Below and we will email you an invoice to confirm your pet photo mini.


  • 9:00 Layla the GoldenDoodle
  • 9:20AM Calypsin & Che
  • 9:40AM Mikey the Pug
  • 10:20AM Frank the Silver Lab
  • 10:40AM Fender the Golden Retriever
  • 11:00AM Puyallup Animal Rescue
  • 11:20AM Old Dog Haven Rescue
  • 11:40AM Ted E Bear
  • 12:00PM Pebbles the Cocker Spaniel
  • 1:00PM Cookie the Russell Terrier








Wisconsin Photo Tour August 9th-14th 2017

Hello Again Wisconsin!! We are headed to the Madison, WI area August 9th – 14th. Who’s ready for photos!?

Types of private photoshoots I can do while I am in town…pets are welcome in all kinds so long as the location you & I choose allows it. All photoshoots include an online ordering gallery available online for 6 months. You can purchase anything in our boutique with your images. Check out our boutique here

  • Family ($300 + images)
  • Individual ($300 + images)
  • Baby/Maternity/Children ($300 + images)
  • Couples/Engagement ($300 + images)
  • High School Senior ($300 + images)
  • PinUp/Vintage ($400 + images, includes styling)
  • Boudoir ($400 + images, includes styling)
  • Pets Only ($200 + images)
  • **$75 Mini PhotoShoots 08/13/17 Details Below

CURRENT AVAILABILITY (Updated every few days)

  • 08/09 WED Early Morning – Available
  • 08/09 WED Sunset – Available
  • 08/10 THUR Early Morning – Available
  • 08/10 THUR Sunset – Mitchell Senior Photos
  • 08/11 FRI Early Morning – Available
  • 08/11 FRI Sunset – Available
  • 08/12 SAT Early Morning – J&J Family Photos
  • 08/13 SUN Mini Photoshoots *See Details Below*
  • 8/14 MON Early Morning – Molly & Payton
  • 8/14 MON Sunset – Available


$75 Mini Photoshoot Special

  • Sunday, August 13th 2017 (*Saturday August 12th is our backup day if weather looks bad for Sunday as we get closer to the date)
  • Waunakee, WI
  • $75 Session Fee (Cost of Images Separate)
  • 30 Minute Photoshoots in the afternoon until sunset
  • Includes 1 Digital Image
  • All Ages Are Welcome, Photoshoots can be for family, couples, or individuals…even vintage if you can style yourself and show up ready to go.
  • CONTACT US and let us know you want to reserve a spot for the mini photoshoots and the details of who I will be photographing. We will send an email with more details and an invoice ($75) to reserve your time.. (**please note I am on vacation August 1st-4th and will be returning emails and phone calls August 5th)


Wisconsin Photo Tour 2017 Some Like It Shot











Celebrating Kristin & Mark

Just East of San Francisco, their wedding took place on a warm June 15th. Everything went as planned, there are not many weddings we’ve witnessed that could say the same.

Kristen and Mark Wedding SF CA by Some Like It Shot

Their San Francisco engagement photoshoot had just as much luck with weather, we drove from Seattle to SF & were surprised to have a beautiful sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge. It was the first time we’ve ever seen it without fog.

San Francisco golden gate bridge baseball sunset photos by Some Like It Shot



Creating Your PinUp Name

How To Choose A PinUp Name

First, no matter what you decide do a quick internet search and make sure it isn’t already being used by another pinup before you tell anyone it is your pinup name. Also note, Most names are 2 parts, like the concept of a 1st name & last name or 3 parts for some.

Then, decide your approach:

Emma La France how to choose a pinup name

Emma LaFrance

Go with Sentiment; use an older family members’ perfect vintage-sounding name. This is also a fabulous way to honor someone who passed away. Some ladies have included a favorite pet’s name into their pinup name, or they include the city they were born in, the street they grew up at. Emma LaFrance used her grandma’s first name in her honor and her last name already sounded pretty pinup-y. Crys Zia Galore included part of her maiden name for fun. These kind of names are definitely like a special secret between you and your friends/family who know the meaning behind them.

Eva Mae Garnet how to pick a pinup name

Eva Mae Garnet

Let it Describe You: this is a great way to help people remember who you are, but keep in mind if you change your look often you won’t want to get stuck with a name that describes something (like your hair color) that won’t make sense in the future. Example: If you have red hair you can include different things that could describe red like red, ruby, rouge, fire, cherry, garnet etc. Sometimes going beyond English can be very helpful, this is were online translator softwares are fun to play with. If all else use a thesaurus and it doesn’t have to be just to describe something physical.

Leise Di Dulce how to choose a pinup name

Leise Di Dulce

Your Favorite Things; include something that you love in your name. For example if you’re known to love nail polish or birds choose a name that has Polly in it, if you like Chevy’s you could choose a name like Chevy Champagne. Our client Annaliese is a confectionary scientist who creates vegan candies and she went with Leise Di Dulce (dulce meaning sweets/candy in Spanish). Our client Jennifer loves pie a la mode so she decided on Jenn A LaMode for her delicious pinup name. It’s an extra bonus if you can make your name sexy and meaningful.

Mama Meg West how to choose a pinup name

Mama Meg West

A Classic Name With a Twist; if you know of a pinup or actress from the golden era who you love create a name that sounds similar but is not the same. For example Mae West is a famous actress, and pinup Mama Meg West has a similar sounding name…with a twist.

An Alliterated Name, starting each part with the same letter; Bettie Bee Bop, Lou Lou Lemondrop, Desi Devine, etc…I find a thesaurus really helps with this kind of name. You can look up words that describe you to find a synonym that will work with the letter you’re going for.

Mel Licious Intent how to choose a pinup name

Mel Licious Intent

Puns and Knee Slappers; always a hit! If there is a way you can make your name sound like a pun or spelled like a pun a lot of people will enjoy your name. For example: since the good ole 1990s AOL IM days I’ve been using the name Diva D’Lish for my pinup name (Alisha) it’s a fun pun, Lish for my name and D’Lish short for Delicious. Playing with spelling vs sound; Lynn Dee Hop in lieu of Lindy Hop for the swing dancers out there, or for someone name Andrea (Andy for short) choosing something like Ann DeVine, or Mary Connie Trary (mary contrary), Goldie Luck, Cinder Stella (this one goes out to my niece).

Rhyme & Rhythm; using two/three words that sound the same or have a poetic bounce. Dr. Seuss would have been a fantastic friend to ask for help with this kind of name. A rhyme dictionary comes in handy when trying to come up with these: Mandy Candy, Priscilla Vaud Villa, Cindy Lou Who, etc

The real golden names are ones that can incorporate more than one approach; for example start by using part of a sentimental name, and find a way to make it rhyme with alliteration.

There are pinup name generators (or search for burlesque name generator) online too but they won’t be nearly as creative or custom as you will be making up your own. If all else fails crowd source from your social media friends and ask them to help you come up with a name. You’d be surprised how fun this can be and the ideas that you never would have thought of otherwise.

Hope that helps!!! & hope we get to photograph you soon!! We do request using a pinup name for our pinup clients for when we post their photos. This helps reduce stalkers /creeps knowing your real name if that is a concern.

Some like rhyme

Some like reason

Some Like It Shot

CA Photo Tour 2016

Our annual trip to CA this year will be a little different than those of the past, I (Alisha) will be coming by plane instead of the big road trip we usually enjoy. I’d love to photograph our favorite people in SoCal before the wedding we have booked; however, I’ll need you to come to me this year. I’ll be staying in Long Beach, CA and photoshoots will be in Long Beach (I might be able to go a little bit away if you drive depending on my photoshoot schedule.)

We officially book photoshoots based on who gives us their deposit 1st…Space Is Limited!

Tuesday, March 22nd – Long Beach Portrait Photoshoots  (1 morning, 1 afternoon, 1 sunset) It can be for families, pinups, individual or high school seniors etc. There is a dog beach area near by so we can definitely include dog friendly dogs. CONTACT US FOR FULL DETAILS & TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT

Wednesday, March 23rd – Long Beach Portrait Photoshoots  (1 morning, 1 afternoon, 1 sunset (booked)) It can be for families, pinups, individual or high school seniors etc. There is a dog beach area near by so we can definitely include dog friendly dogs. CONTACT US FOR FULL DETAILS & TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT

Thursday, March 24th – PinUp Artwork With Pets (4 spots 2 Spots Left) $400 *Quiet pets are welcome to stay with us in the room during styling. If you have a high energy or vocal pet it is best if you can have a friend take care of your pet and come back for photo time after your hair & make-up is complete. Two Options: You can either have 3 Calendar Art Style images (a different outfit for each, a different phrase for each, a different solid colored background for each). -OR- 1 full scene digital artwork image. CONTACT US FOR FULL DETAILS & TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT


Hope to hear from you!! Here is an artwork image artist Paul Roman Martinez made for us to commemorate all of the fun trips to CA we’ve made in our car with our dogs. Enjoy :)

Hearst Castle California By Car of McGraw Family Art By Paul Roman Martinez for Some Like It Shot