Paper Prints – Metallic & Luster

We only use professional photographic papers so that you always receive the longest lasting and highest quality prints available. We offer Luster and Metallic Print Paper and gear our photography toward large print sizes. (we personally fancy the Metallic paper). To order paper prints from your gallery click on the green BUY PHOTOS just above the larger image in your gallery & a drop down menu will appear which looks like this:

buy photos some like it shot photographyPaper Prints kent wa

To Buy “This Photo” or “Photos In This Gallery” in Paper Prints: Click Paper Prints. Below are the prices associated with prints in Standard Sizes, Other Sizes, Panoramic Sizes or Square Sizes. TRADITIONAL EDITING is included with all ordered images digital or print. SPECIALTY EDITING is available for an additional fee. All paper prints ordered include a complimentary WEB size digital version of the image for personal use posting online wich may not be cropped or altered and must have our logo visible on the image.

Please make sure to select your crop carefully, you will be able to alter the crop yourself during checkout. IF you are struggling with our gallery and would like to come in person to order, please email us to make an order date. IF you know the sizes and images names and would like us to order for you instead of using the gallery, please email us what you would like to order and we will gladly send you an invoice and order for you. Emailed invoices can be paid with credit card, paypal, a check (or cash in person). The price list below does not include taxes or shipping & handling. Our price list changes periodically and future orders shall be charged at the prices in effect at the time when the order is placed. See our client order Bonus Perks for orders over $200.


Standard Size Paper Prints on Luster or Metallic Paper 

8×10” $30.00
8×12” $32.00
11×14” $35.00
12×18” $40.00
16×20” $60.00
16×24” $70.00
20×30” $80.00
24×36” $120.00
30×40” $130.00

Other Size Paper Prints on Luster or Metallic Paper

Wallet (Set of 8)                                            $25.00    

Panoramic Size Paper Prints on Luster or Metallic Paper

5×10” $30.00
8×16” $35.00
10×20” $50.00
12×24″ $60.00
15×30″ $70.00
20×40” $90.00
30×60” $140.00

Square Sizes Prints on Luster or Metallic Paper    

10×10” $33.00
12×12” $35.00
16×16” $60.00
20×20” $65.00
24×24” $70.00
30×30” $125.00