Wall Clusters

We will help you design a wall cluster that fits your home best. No more randomly placed prints or mismatched frames, turn your wall clutter into an aesthetic wall cluster you’ll enjoy looking at every day.

Your choice between Metal or Thin Wrap. TRADITIONAL EDITING is included with all ordered images digital or print. SPECIALTY EDITING is available for an additional fee. 

Prices Below include the Editing of the images, Taxes, and S&H

A. The Classic Five  (54″x24″) $530B Timeless FiveWEB

B. The Filmstrip (44″x26″) $900

B. Filmstript

C. The Trio  S (38″x18″) $260, M (50″x24″) $440, L (74″x36″) $900

C Trio

D. Three Square  S (38″x12″) $200, M (50″x16″) $400, L (62″x20″) $600

D. Three Square WEB

E. Four Square  S (25″x25″) $280, M (31″x31″) $500, L (41″x41″) $700

E. Four Square

F. Nine Square  S(20″x20″)$440, M(32″x32″)$620, L(38″x38″)$755, XL(50″x50)$1100

F. Nine Square

G. Royal Three (54″x30″) $450

G. Royal Threee


H. On The Rise (66″x45″) $680

I On The Rise

I. The PinWheel  S (30″x30″)$405, M (45″x45″)$680, L (60″x60″)$1000

J Pin Wheel Jassibeth Some Like It Shot Photography

J. The Twist (41″x42″) $600

K. The Twist

K. Formal Four  (34″x24″) $400

L. Formal Four

L. The Paw  (34″x32″) $560

M The Paw