Pepsi Atlas, A Boston Terrier Loved Forever

In the Summer of 2015, a year and a half before I lost my beloved best friend – my 14-year old Boston Terrier named Pepsi – I had an opportunity to do a photoshoot with “Some Like It Shot Photography” and the magical Alisha McGraw.  For many years, I dreamed of doing a pinup shoot with Alisha and finally my chance arrived!  I already had many poses in mind as I had collected lots of images over the years of poses I wanted to do if ever this occasion occurred!  Now it was just a matter of picking out outfits and having fun!

During this time, Pepsi’s health was spiraling downwards quickly.  I recall one day I was emailing with Alisha prior to the shoot and she suggested that rather than doing a pinup shoot, perhaps I should do a regular photoshoot with Pepsi instead.  What a great recommendation and decision that turned out to be.  I lost Pepsi in January of 2017.

Alisha captured so much of Pepsi’s beauty during a time when he was no longer quite “beautiful”.  Well, he was always beautiful in my eyes!  But Cushing’s and old age took a toll on Pepsi’s health and appearance.  He had lost a lot of fur and the coat he had was scruffy and dull.  Dementia, loss of eyesight, and hearing loss made it difficult for him to be the good, patient boy he always used to be.  Pepsi used to love having his picture taken – but now it was a challenge.

Yet somehow (this is why I call her magical) Alisha managed to create images of Pepsi that depict the amazing pup he was – my companion who was always so full of life – absolutely shined in these photos.  I now have incredible, photographic, documented memories of the love and bond that Pepsi and I shared during our fourteen years together.

I am most thankful to Alisha for giving me a gift that I didn’t even realize I needed.  Alisha’s patience with us during the photoshoot, her dedication to getting the perfect shot, and her professionalism even when she was exhausted from her travels was amazing.  Most of all, I am appreciative for the love and compassion she had for me and Pepsi during what was a difficult time in my life.  Intuitively she already knew what lied ahead for Pepsi and me.

It hasn’t been a full year since Pepsi left me.  The pain is still real – the grief still deep – and the hole in my heart will never truly be healed.  But the pain was worth it as Pepsi gave me the best years of my life.  He was certainly the best darned pup a girl could ever ask for!  Pepsi taught me how to laugh – how to play – how to fully live – and how to love – all things he did so well.

Thank you, Some Like It Shot Photography, for telling our story through images, for capturing our special moments, and giving me a bit of Pepsi’s love and life that I can now hang onto forever. I hope one day I will have another chance to take pictures and make memories with you again!


Dia De Los Muertos – Day of The Dead

This year seems to have been especially hard on us and many of our friends. So many people seemed to lose the ones they loved; whether that be human or pets. Not a month went by where at least one of our close friends didn’t go through the painful heart break, and after losing our first fur child Charlie in April we have a new perspective on the pain this causes. This Day of the Dead we decided to give honor to Charlie, for all that he taught us while he was alive and after he died. Dia Day Los Muertos is a 2 day celebration in which the pain is subsided as we honor those who have left us. Nov 1st it typically Dia De Los Angelitos (Day of the Little Angels) honoring children who have died. Since we considered Charlie our child we felt today was the best day to honor his life. Mr. Boo, this one is for you.

Doggie De Los Muertos Kent Seattle WA


We’ve had clients participate in Dia De Los Muertos style creative photoshoots as well and hope more come include some of this traditional celebration into their fall photoshoots.

Dia De Los Angelitos Child Day of the Dead Kent Seattle Tacoma WA

Black Widow Dia De Los Muertos Catrina Kent WA Seattle

Dia De Los Muertos Celebration Catrinas  Sombrero Dia De Los Muertos Seattle WA

to be or not to be painted dis de los muertos www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.comamor de los muertos couple with spider chrome car www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.comblack and white dia de los muertos shadows paws whiskers dia de los muertos www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.comskeleton moon de los muertos


Some like it colorful

Some like it creative

Some Like It Shot

Massage & Reiki By Meghan in San Diego

If you live in San Diego and are in need of a massage or reiki let me introduce you to my all time favorite, Massage and Reiki by Meghan at ThriveWellness.

holistic health Massage and Reiki by Meghan San Diego photos by

Meghan is a licensed Holistic Health Care Practitioner…with magic hands (or at least they feel that way). She was our massage therapist for 5 years before we moved to Seattle and we miss her dearly. Besides the fact that she knows massage therapy very well, she is also a good person with a calm caring nature, making the time together very relaxing.

Massage and Reiki by Meghan San Diego photos by

She has tools up her sleeves to help with a large variety of ailments; sinus pain, TMJ, aches in muscles, PMS, sciatica, and believes in healing through touch even & especially for cancer patients.

sinus Massage and Reiki by Meghan San Diego photos by

We didn’t have a chance to photograph it during her shoot, but Meghan also offers Reiki, an energy changing technique that reduces stress, and promotes relaxation and healing …and as of this month she also offers Asian Fire Cupping.

thigh Massage and Reiki by Meghan San Diego photos by

She is located in the Hillcrest community of San Diego at the Thrive Wellness office located at 4080 Centre Street in San Diego CA 92103…new Park Blvd & University. The best way to contact her is via email

calf Massage and Reiki by Meghan San Diego photos by

Your body will thank you if you do!! As a perk you can choose the type of music you would like to listen to while you get work done, I personally love the traditional spa sounds but my dad wanted classic rock, which was welcomed without a blink.

foot Massage and Reiki by Meghan San Diego photos by

Thank you Meghan & model Tisha, for a wonderful serene relaxing photoshoot. I can still smell the lavender in the air.

oils Massage and Reiki by Meghan San Diego photos by

Some like Massages

Some like Reiki

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Mystical Creature Found in La Jolla

While in CA we enjoyed many days working at the ocean. One day was different than the rest, you could feel the magic in the air as we walked closer to the stairs leading us to the misty La Jolla beach. With one foot at the top of the steps we were distracted by a cute little squirrel, no ordinary squirrel though. He called himself Jerry, and warned us of the sight we might see. We were excited for an adventure at the beach, grabbed hold of our cameras and headed to the rocks where Jerry said our fate awaited.

squirrel at the beach

The ocean water was sparkling abnormally bright when we heard a quaint voice murmur from behind a rock “Over here, I think you’er looking for me”. We shuffled our feet closer hauling our lighting equipment, when a head popped out from behind the rock. Indeed she is exactly who and what we were looking for.

hiding mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

To the average eye she may have just been a gorgeous beach beauty, but we knew that there was something extra special about her. As we rounded the rock we could see her sparkling fins transforming into feet, developed enough to stand but not ready to walk. It didn’t take long for us to start photographing the beautiful mermaid named “Remele Sparks”.

behind the scenes photographer mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

She told us her story, which in short was that she was separated from her pod of mermaids and had landed ashore. Just touching the beach started her transformation into a human. We photographed her calling out to her fellow mermaids, sadly with no response.

mermaid sounds mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

She offered us some delicacies of her mer-people, knowing that we hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Although the gesture was sweet we declined and she happily got to have the entire strand of seaweed for herself.

sexy seaweed mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

As the sun began to set it was obvious she needed to find a way back out to the deep ocean; however, her new feet were sprouting and her hopes were sinking.

sunset la jolla mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

She stayed strong, hopeful and pleasant as the pink sunset filled the sky and her mermaid life began to fade.

sunset pink mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

Remele Sparks took shelter over night in a dark cave, watching for unruly surfers or news crews that might find her. She welcomed us to stay and keep her company until she could be safe either on land or in the sea.

blue cave mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

The next morning was miraculous. Her many calls for help were finally heard. A merman, who had once been beached in the same spot, rescued her. He promised us he would take good care of her as he taught her about the living on the land. We keep in touch with them to this day & they have lived Happily Ever After.

sailor found mermaid at the beach burlesque in CA

Some like talking squirrels

Some like walking mermaids

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Miss Teen WA USA!! High School Senior Imani Blackmon

We had the honor of photographing Miss WA Teen USA, Imani, a local from our hometown area in Federal Way, WA. She is competing for the title Miss Teen USA August 9th & 10th in the Bahamas. She needs our help securing a spot in the Top 15 by voting. You can vote up to 10 times a day:

Imani Miss Teen WA USA
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