We communicate with clients within 2 business days M-F

PLEASE Complete our Contact Us Form & we will email after that…pretty please with a cherry on top!

EMAIL is our preferred form of communication with the exception of your in person consultation, your photo day and if you’ve chosen to have an in person order meeting. Once you have completed a Contact Us form once your information is saved in our software. It allows us to filter out client emails from spam etc and keeps emails, documents, invoices, etc for of each client under your file so that we can easily answer questions or review photoshoot/order information. It is important that you email us so we can keep that in one easy to find location… It is too easy to miss communication if we have to search for it in other formats other than email. Thank you so much for understanding!!

TEXTS should only be used the day of your consultation or photoshoot to let us know if you are lost, on the way, or have an important last minute question. If you text us for something other than this we will respond to your question via Email within 2 business days.

PHONE messages are responded to within 2 business days (please email us)

SOCIAL MEDIA messages with business related questions will be redirected to use email in most cases.