The Photoshoot Process

  1. Contact Us using out Contact Us Form this allows your email address to successfully be received by our office software and not accidentally lost amongst spam.
  2. We will contact you via email within 2 business days
    1. If you don’t hear from us please check your spam folder
    2. If our response is not in your spam folder please contact us again, there’s a chance that your email address had a typo.
    3. In some rare circumstances, sometimes our emails bounce back to us when sent to certain emails. If you’ve tried A & B please try via Social Media or Phone.
  3. Via Email we will set your consultation date & a potential photoshoot date.
  4. You will mentally prepare for your consultation (guided via email)
  5. Your consultation will take place via Phone/FaceTime/Skype from the comfort of your home in most cases – unless you are booking a vintage shoot and need to try on outfits from our wardrobe room.
    1. We will discuss and confirm your photoshoot date, location and start planning final details such as wardrobe.
    2. We will discuss products and explain our ordering process.
  6. You will receive an emailed invoice for a deposit to reserve the date. (Date not confirmed until paid…first come first serve)
  7. You will do any final prep for your photoshoot (we will too)
  8. Your Photoshoot Day! Yay! We will meet you at the location. For most portrait photoshoots Alisha will be your photographer sometimes with an assistant to help carry things. Wedding photography is by Alisha alone or with a 2nd shooter depending on what you have agreed on.
  9. Your copyright protected Client Ordering Gallery will be available:
    1. in approx. 4-8 weeks for weddings
    2. in approx. 2 weeks for all other photoshoots
      1. The exception to our normal turn around time is while we are traveling or during holiday rush… If you are a destination out of WA State we may have to extend our normal turn-around time based on how long our travel extends.
  10. Your Client Ordering Gallery will be available to order from & view images for 6 months. You can share this gallery with as many people as you would like, it is typically locked with a password.
  11. Ordering turn around time depends on the product & quantity.

Do You Have A Hair & Make-up Stylist For My Photoshoot? If you are having a vintage photoshoot, boudoir photoshoot or artwork photoshoot; a hair & make-up stylist will be booked for you. We work with a special selection of stylist who specialize in certain looks. For all other photoshoots a stylist (hair/make-up) can be booked for an additional fee, just let us know you are interested in styling and we will go over the options.

Where Do Photoshoots Take Place? It depends on the type of photoshoot, generally photoshoots take place at a location of your choice like a park, beach or home. New Born Baby photos are taken in the comfort of your home or at the hospital.  Pet Photos take place where they will be comfortable. Artwork Photos Photos are taken at our residential studio or at your home. *It is client responsibility to set up any location permits and fees for locations that require them.

What If Weather Is Bad For My Outdoor Photoshoot? please refer to our Photoshoot Policies

How Long Do I Have To Order? You have 6 months to order with regular prices in an online ordering gallery. After the initial 6 months, your online ordering gallery will expire and images are deleted from the internet. To reload the gallery there is a $20 fee and ordering prices increase 25%.

My Ordering Gallery Expired but I want to order more images. After the initial 6 months, your online ordering gallery will expire and images are deleted from the internet. We ‘try’ to keep a backup file on our stored hard drives – especially of already ordered/edited images. In order to access those hard drives and set up another gallery on the internet there is a $20+ fee (depending on how many images are in the gallery). Images prices increase 25% after the initial 6 month ordering gallery has expired.