What Is Included with our Traditional Editing Versus Specialty Editing

  1. SLIS Traditional portrait editing included with photo orders;
    1. color correction of entire image
    2. cropping/ leveling horizon if needed
    3. removal of minor blemishes – aka a couple pimples, bruises or scratches
    4. skin softening as not to see pores so distinctly
    5. teeth whitening (does no include teeth corrections like braces removal, gap filling etc)
    6. Pet leash removal (if a person is holding the leash in the photo this may or may not be an option)
    7. **Pet collar removal upon request
    8. Pet fur whitening/tear stain removal
  2. SLIS Specialty Editing is included with Digital Artwork Photoshoots or can be done for an additional cost for portrait photoshoots (starting at an additional $20/ per image) to cover the additional time it takes to edit; If you need anything resembling the following it is considered a Specialty Edit:
    1. body or facial feature reshaping
    2. wrinkle removal/under eye circle lightening
    3. skin tone correction due to tanning/spray tanning
    4. wardrobe correction
    5. hair correction
    6. head swapping for group images where 1 person/pet is not looking and we have another image available to swap their heads.

The Photoshoot Process

  1. Contact Us
  2. We will contact you via email within 2 business days
    1. If you don’t hear from us please check your spam folder
    2. If our response is not in your spam folder please contact us again, there’s a chance that your email address had a typo.
    3. In some rare circumstances, sometimes our emails bounce back to us when sent to certain emails. We will call if you made your number available to us. If you’ve tried A & B please try via Social Media or Phone.
  3. Via Email we will set your consultation date & a potential photoshoot date.
  4. You will receive an emailed invoice for your deposit. Which can be made online (credit) or in person at the consultation (cash/check).
  5. You will prepare for your consultation (guided via email)
  6. Your consultation will take place at our location in Kent WA.
    1. We will discuss and confirm your photoshoot date, location and start planning final details such as wardrobe.
    2. We will show you sample products and explain our ordering process.
    3. If your photoshoot is a vintage pin up shoot you will get to check out our vintage wardrobe room and try on any potential outfits.
  7. You will do any final prep for your photoshoot
  8. Your Photoshoot Day! Yay! We will meet you at the location. For most portrait photoshoots Alisha will be your photographer sometimes with an assistant to help carry things. Wedding photography is by Alisha & Holland as a team. 
  9. Your copyright protected Client Ordering Gallery will be available:
    1. approx. 4-8 weeks for weddings
    2. approx. 2 weeks for all other photoshoots
      1. The exception to our normal turn around time is while we are traveling. If you are a destination out of WA State we may have to extend our normal turn-around time based on how long our travel extends.
  10. Your Client Ordering Gallery will be available to order from & view images for 6 months.
  11. Ordering turn around time depends on the product & quantity.