We edit images upon order; your gallery will have several unedited images to choose from and once you’ve ordered the images we will edit them with our Traditional portrait editing style at no additional costs. If you have special requests beyond our Traditional editing we will charge according to the time needed to make those changes (not all requests are possible but we will try)…we call that Specialty editing. 

  1. SLIS Traditional Editing included with photo orders;
    1. color correction of entire image
    2. cropping/ leveling horizon if needed
    3. removal of minor blemishes – aka a couple pimples, bruises or scratches
    4. skin softening as not to see pores so distinctly
    5. teeth whitening (does no include teeth corrections like braces removal, gap filling etc)
    6. Pet leash removal (if a person is holding the leash in the photo this may or may not be an option)
    7. **Pet collar removal upon request
    8. Pet fur whitening/tear stain removal
  2. SLIS Specialty Editing is included with ‘Digital Artwork Photoshoots’ or can be done for an additional cost for portrait images to cover the additional time it takes to edit; If you need anything resembling the following it is considered a Specialty Edit:
    1. body, facial feature or teeth reshaping
    2. wrinkle removal/under eye circle lightening
    3. skin tone correction
    4. wardrobe correction – color changes, bra strap removal etc
    5. hair correction
    6. head swapping for group images where 1 person/pet is not looking and we have another image available to swap their heads.
    7. Background changes or additions
    8. Adding text