NO GUESTS Only people being photographed are welcome to be at photoshoots (or parents of minors). With the exception of an animal handler. Friends handling animals need to be adults strong enough to handle the animal on their own that the animal is comfortable with.

NO CAMERAS/Cell Phone recordings or Other Recording Devices during photoshoots (not including weddings), No Exceptions. It is distracting for clients being photographed and for the photographer. (Photos of yourself being styled is permitted). During wedding photoshoots we do not allow other people to take photos during the posed portraiture portion of the day. We do this because inevitably someone being photographed will ruin the bride & groom’s professional photo by looking at the wrong camera while we are taking photos. 

CONTRACTS ARE REQUIRED. All clients are required to sign a SLIS contract prior to your photoshoot. This contract allows us to show our work to others looking for a photoshoot and permission to use and publish your images for promotional, advertising and any other like purpose. We cannot photograph anyone without this contract being sign. However we do respect surprise photoshoots keeping them private for a limited amount of time and boudoir photoshoots are kept private from any advertising unless otherwise permitted to share. 

PHOTOSHOOT DEPOSITS are non-refundable and reserve the date/time of your photoshoot. 

PHOTOSHOOT FEES must be paid in full at the time of your photoshoot and are non-refundable. 


WEATHER is wonky sometimes. It is up to the discretion of the photographer to reschedule (no fee) due to weather. Sometimes (especially in WA State) we find out the weather forecast has changed drastically with only 24 hour notice. We WILL be in touch with 2 days prior if weather is not certain for your outdoor photoshoot please keep in good communication with us the 2 days before your photoshoot. There are certain photoshoots that make this more difficult, photoshoots that have a booked hair/make-up stylist. Also if we have a vintage vehicle that must have a clear day then rescheduling happens if there is a 20% chance of rain or more. Basically we will work together via email the week of your photoshoot to find a solution whether we move locations or dates.

RESCHEDULING (for photoshoots other than weddings) a new date must be decided at the time of your reschedule request and must be within 30 days of the original photoshoot date. We allow rescheduling with at least 48 hours has a $25 fee. Rescheduling 24-48 hours prior to your photoshoot has a $50 fee. Rescheduling less than 24 hours prior to your photoshoot will result in a loss of your deposit and another deposit will need to be made to reschedule. 

LAST MINUTE (2 hours or less) CANCELATIONS AND NO-SHOWS result in a loss of your deposit and 50% of your remaining photoshoot fee. We’ve reserved this day/time just for you and declined other work, this is as fair as I can be for my loss in time and money.

SOMEONE IS SICK – If your child is sick they will not photograph well, please CONTACT US ASAP and we can discuss options. Adults with stomach flu or foodeborne illness (alcohol does not count) may also have a reschedule with fees waived, please CONTACT US ASAP and we can discuss options.

EMERGENCIESCONTACT US and we will discuss options.