Things have changed over the years, what once was a husband/wife run business is now just me; a female owned (hubby went on to new business adventures), small business local to the Seattle/Tacoma area. You’ll see that I still use the term WE in emails and around my website but for the most part I’m now  working alone with the exception of a team of editors who help me out as needed.Alisha the photographer, pinup, cosplay, gardener, dog lover Collage

ALISHA MCGRAW – Owner/Photographer/Editor. Outside of my professional photographer self, I am mommy to our baby boy born in 2017. Being ‘Mommy’ has changed my world and since he is still so young I work consultations and photoshoots around my mommy life. On non-photoshoot days you might see me in jeans with dirty hands from gardening in our 60ft organic garden, in a bee suit caring for our honeybees or on fun days I dress as Diva D Lish the vintage pin up, but if you’re really lucky you’ll catch me on a day when I’ve airbrushed myself into a cosplay character to attend a ComicCon. No matter which day you meet me I guarantee you’ll find a dog hair (or 10) somewhere on my body. My husband Holland and I have 3 dogs; 1 Deaf Boston Terrier, 1 Deaf Boxer and 1 Boxer who can hear and acts as the ears of the fur family. We communicate in American Sign Language with them (yes, I am bi-lingual English/ASL). We lost our first Boxer, Charlie, in 2014, he was the muse that began my professional photo career. Although I miss Charlie every day, I am thankful for the photos of & with him. Until I was 25 I was a dancer/dance instructor/choreographer and I have a B.A. degree in Deaf Studies-Interpreting from CSU-Northridge, I’m educated in photography, photoshop, styling, and airbrush make-up… learning is kind of an addiction, especially with the ever changing field of photography. Most important, I love to create images of other eclectic, kind hearted, colorful people who love their pets and kiddos as much as I do.

EDITING & ASSISTANTS – We now have an editing team who helps us prepare galleries and although I am a solo photographer I do occasionally have assistants at shoots too! 



Or here is our 2016 photographic year in review. Hope to see you in our 2018 video! (in other words we hope to get to know you a little better too).

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In The Midst Of A Seemingly Endess Winter, Find Within Yourself An Invincible Spring pin up photography by www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle Tacoma Mt Vernon

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