Nashville Photo Tour 2015

15Nashville TN 2015 photoshoots SomeLikeItShot

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West Coast Photo Tour 2015

West Coast Photo Tour 2015 Sold Out

Hello west coast friends South of us!! We’ve missed you & will be coming back late June/early July 2015. We Sold Out all our photoshoot times available on our 2015 trip but if you want to be on a wait list let us know!  Please JOIN the WEST COAST PHOTO TOUR FACEBOOK EVENT for more Q & A discussions. Can’t wait to create some beautiful images with you!!!!!~Alisha & Holland

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  • 6/17 PPSV “OoLaLa Boudoir” Program
  • 6/18 PPSV Boudoir Photography Workshop 9-4
  • 6/18 Sunset Sacramento – Sonya & Pups
  • 6/20 Morning Orange County – Kator Family
  • 6/20 Sunset Orange County – Bonkosky Family
  • 6/21 Fathers Day w Gutman Family
  • 6/22 Morning Los Angeles Secret Sexy Session
  • 6/22 Sunset Los Angeles Ziskind Family
  • 6/23 Morning & Afternoon Orange County – Long Family
  • 6/23 Sunset Orange County Megan Corey & Sammy
  • 6/24 IEPPV “Getting the Purrfect Shot” Program
  • 6/25 All Day San Diego  – Kristin & David Engagement Photos
  • 6/26 Sunrise in Escondido- Shonna Dave & Diablo
  • 6/26 Sunset in San Diego – CCC
  • 6/27 Sunrise in San Diego – Whetter Family
  • 6/27 Sunset San Diego – Cinda & Jeff
  • 6/28 Morning LaJolla – Yurcich Family
  • 6/28 Sunset E. San Diego – Dawn & Ray
  • 6/29 Morning Jamul – Pamela Johnson’s Pet Family
  • 6/29 afternoon/evening Escondido – Hell on Heels Burlesque Review
  • 6/30 Morning Santee – Linda & Martin Artwork
  • 6/30 Sunset San Diego – April & Matt
  • 7/1 Morning San Diego – Jassibeth & Family
  • 7/1 Sunset San Diego – Eileen, Nathan, Brooke & Cyrano
  • 7/2 Sunset LA – L & P
  • 7/4 Bay Area – Arterberry Family

New York June 2015

New York 2015

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  • Jessie & Josh Maternity For Wedding, People, Pets & PinUps

What is a GriGri?

What is a GriGri? If you’re a rock climber you may immediately picture the device that will save your life if you happen to fall. I know that this is what GriGri’s mommy named him after. Later, I also found that a GriGri in Africa is an every day accessory worn that protects the wearer from evil and brings good luck.

grigri pitbull puppy photography Seattle

It seems as though GriGri’s name fits him far beyond the average puppy name, as he has become a life savor… as many dogs are for the person who supposedly saved them (we know who saves who). A protector from evil and I am guessing good luck is coming their way too.

ears grigri pitbull puppy photography Seattle

He is such a love bug but once the modeling began he was attentive, alert, and very well trained for a puppy only a few months old.

ivy grigri pitbull puppy photography Seattle

His mom Nikki is the owner at Moxie’s Pet Services… they provide in home dog care, dog training and dog walking services in King County based in Kirkland, WA.

sit grigri pitbull puppy photography Seattle

GriGri is being trained to become an ambassador for their training program, and has already become a wonderful role model in his young age. I personally could see him being a therapy dog…he has that calm casual sweet well behaved nature about him.

black and white grigri pitbull puppy photography Seattle

GriGri’s puppy photoshoot left him pooped out and ready for a nap … by his favorite spot in front of his heater (he thinks it’s his).

heater grigri pitbull puppy photography Seattle

Some like GriGri’s who save their lives

Some like GriGri’s who bring good luck

Some Like It Shot

Gina, Matt & Baby On The Way

Gina & Matt are excitedly awaiting the arrival of their baby, who’s due date was October 29th and has yet to make an appearance. Many of us are stalking their Facebook waiting for news and I figured posting their blog would be a nice way to pass time as we all wait.

Roots Maternity Baby photography

We photographed Gina & Matt at Balboa Park in San Diego CA during our west coast photo tour 2013. As our friend Kimberly said we FINALLY got to photograph them! She’s been telling them every year since she had her baby and now that an important milestone for them was here it finally happened.

Dots Maternity Baby photography

One of Gina’s favorite places is amongst the trees at Balboa Park, she was glowing with happiness in the fall colors. It is obvious to us that their baby has wonderful well ‘rooted’ parents just waiting to begin a life of adventures together.

Family Tree Maternity Baby photography

We ended within the halls of Balboa Parks Prado and enjoyed some stripes to show off her baby belly, keep in mind this was about 4 weeks before her due date with some room for growth.

Stripes Maternity Baby photography

Matt & Gina decided to keep their baby’s gender a surprise for birth. No matter what, it is clear that this baby will be loved with all their hearts.

ASL I Love You Maternity Baby photography

…besides gender isn’t nearly as important as finding out if their baby will be a Spartan or a wee little Fighting Irish on the way out!

Spartan Fighting Irish football Matt, Gina and Baby On The Way by

Some like strong family roots

Some like even stronger college football fans

Some Like It Shot