Celebrating Kristin & Mark

Just East of San Francisco, their wedding took place on a warm June 15th. Everything went as planned, there are not many weddings we’ve witnessed that could say the same.

Kristen and Mark Wedding SF CA by Some Like It Shot

Their San Francisco engagement photoshoot had just as much luck with weather, we drove from Seattle to SF & were surprised to have a beautiful sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge. It was the first time we’ve ever seen it without fog.

San Francisco golden gate bridge baseball sunset photos by Some Like It Shot



San Francisco Engagement On A Sunny Day

Some of you have probably heard a little about this photoshoot. Kristin & Mark’s engagement in San Francisco kicked off our west coast photo tour this year and it did not disappoint. First off, let me say that this happened to be the most beautiful sunny day with no fog and the golden Gate Bridge was proudly out for all to see.


Kristin & Mark wanted to start at the Palace of Fine Arts, so after our 12 hour drive and full night of sleep we went directly to the location to checkout the best photo spots. We were there for just an hour and in that time we saw two different weddings come and go. Pretty crazy for a Wednesday afternoon but we did know this was a popular place.


Mark and Kristin are both teachers in the bay area and make quite the pair! I believe their humor is what really stood out to us. They survived our insanity after the long drive and managed to have some great laughs during the shoot! Especially as we headed to the beach…


The beach was stunning, the bridge was bold and these two were clearly in love and excited for their photos together. We decided to hang out through sunset and increased the fun by requesting to walk the beach to the end near the bridge. Keep in mind none of us had been to this beach before. Together we chatted and walked about a quarter mile in the sand to the large rock at the end (you can see it on the right side of the photo below). As we neared our destination we noticed a senile old man…or so we thought….we giggled and continued our walk laughing about the old man who wore a tshirt and forgot his pants.


It didn’t take us long to realize that the men sunbathing around the beautiful rock were not actually wearing speedos (it was hard to tell from far away – we gave them the benefit of doubt). I thought Kristin was being cute as I asked, “Are we on a nude beach?” and she answered “Oh, no this is just San Francisco” politely and without an inch of hesitance. Moment later in a slow shocked tone I said, “No, really…I think this is a nude beach”. My eyes got wider as reality sank in! I blame the warm weather, the men were all over the rock sunbathing like seals. Go figure the best place for photos. It was quite the experience as we dodged naked people from photo bombing their engagement images. I’ll never forget the one moment when Mark was busting up laughing and wasn’t able to look my way…I turned to see what was funny and well – we were apparently entertaining enough that a couple men came to stand and watch. The best part about the random reality was I believe Kristin & Mark had the most sincere smiles, laughs and giggles I’ve seen in a long time.


I can’t quite imagine what the photos would have looked like if we went with the original plan in the Oakland A’s stadium. That idea was vetoed by the stadium since it was during their season. Kristin & Mark brought some A’s fun with them to the beach so at least we could pretend.


We were very happy with the day, the photo locations and the hilarious events we experienced. Her ring sparkled in the sun and there was a lot of laughter with minimal mishaps. We brought them Voodoo donuts from Portland so we wondered if there was voodoo magic involved.


We’re happy to welcome Kristin & Mark to the Some Like It Shot wedding family!! We look forward to seeing you & your family/friends for your wedding day!


Some like the Oakland A’s

Some like the Golden Gate

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