Dia De Los Muertos – Day of The Dead

This year seems to have been especially hard on us and many of our friends. So many people seemed to lose the ones they loved; whether that be human or pets. Not a month went by where at least one of our close friends didn’t go through the painful heart break, and after losing our first fur child Charlie in April we have a new perspective on the pain this causes. This Day of the Dead we decided to give honor to Charlie, for all that he taught us while he was alive and after he died. Dia Day Los Muertos is a 2 day celebration in which the pain is subsided as we honor those who have left us. Nov 1st it typically Dia De Los Angelitos (Day of the Little Angels) honoring children who have died. Since we considered Charlie our child we felt today was the best day to honor his life. Mr. Boo, this one is for you.

Doggie De Los Muertos www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Kent Seattle WA


We’ve had clients participate in Dia De Los Muertos style creative photoshoots as well and hope more come include some of this traditional celebration into their fall photoshoots.

Dia De Los Angelitos Child Day of the Dead www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Kent Seattle Tacoma WA

Black Widow Dia De Los Muertos Catrina Kent WA Seattle www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com

Dia De Los Muertos Celebration Catrinas www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com  Sombrero Dia De Los Muertos www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle WA

to be or not to be painted dis de los muertos www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.comamor de los muertos couple with spider chrome car www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.comblack and white dia de los muertos shadows www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com paws whiskers dia de los muertos www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.comskeleton moon de los muertos www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com


Some like it colorful

Some like it creative

Some Like It Shot

Boris and Sophie: Boxers at the park

Boris and Sophie: Boxers at the park

Some Like It Shot Photography had the pleasure of photographing Boxers, Boris and Sophie on a late Saturday afternoon.

Boris Boxer headshot

Boris is a young Boxer pup, which means he’s somewhat unpredictable and mischievous.  One minute he might be posing for the camera a second later he’s doing Boxer burnouts all over the place, but to Boxer people, which Boris’s parents most definitely are, it’s the breeds free spirit, excitement for life and rascal like behavior that makes us love them all the more.

Sophie’s an older lady, 12 to be exact.  Her ears are side swept to the left giving her pictures a sense of motion, as if the wind was blowing.  Sophie’s age and ears surround this Boxer beauty with character.  Her once wild eyes have been tamed by age and now reflect tranquility and love.

Some Boxers like to do burnouts.

Some Boxers like to chill-out.

Some Like It Shot.

Mother Earth, A Body Painted Art Piece

It isn’t uncommon for artwork to be performance pieces or intangible items. With the help of Paula Remele-Rusconi, a fabulous body paint artist, we were able to create something magical for a mom -to-be.

After brainstorming some, Paula & I came up with the concept of using the American Sign Language sign for MOTHER to be incorporated into body paint art depicting the concept “Mother Earth”. Paula painted mom’s face to be Earth since that is closest to the sign MOTHER/MOM.

Paula then included the astrological sign for the Mom-To-Be near her heart, and the astrological sign for her baby on her tummy. Any astrology guru’s out there? Let’s see if you can figure out what their signs are.

Being pregnant and getting body painted for your maternity photos is extremely fun but doesn’t go without some challenges. Bathroom breaks are not as easy as usual :) but we will hand feed you drinks as needed through a straw – look ma’ no hands!

After painting the finals details, we were ready to take photos!! I chose a deep black background to give the feel of being in space.

Something perfect for their walls!

ASL mother earth body paint

Some like creative body painted maternity photos

Some like to incorporate ASL (American Sign Language)

Some Like It Shot