Senior Internship 2016-2017

Hey Class of 2017! Want awesome senior photos but don’t have the money? or want to be an intern for a photographer and earn your senior photos at the same time? Then keep reading!!

We have a senior internship program set up with some great incentives for up to 10 seniors in the South King County area (no more than 2 from the same school) looking to help me (Alisha) out.

What we are looking for:

  • Personable students who would represent Some Like It Shot well. You might find yourself helping me with clients at photoshoots or events, which means making them feel comfortable in your presence. Also you have to get along with me and laugh at my corny jokes…you don’t really have to laugh but getting along is important to make this work.
  • Pet friendly seniors get priority; most of our clients are pet friendly and we will be around pets often so if you are comfortable around pets that would be the best…even better if you’re not allergic to them.
  • Seniors who have some spare time; this isn’t probably going to work out well if you are already involved with every sport and club at your school or have a job. We know you have homework, home responsibilities and don’t want to contend with a full schedule. So, if your schedule isn’t already crammed full, if you have spare time on weekends and evenings you might want to consider it.
  • Your parents approve of the idea; we will have a contract and meeting to make sure everything is OK with your parent/guardian – most of you are not 18 so it will be imperative that they support the idea. They can even help you earn incentives.
  • You have a way to get to Kent; We are very close to Kent Station, so as long as you can get there we will be able to transport you to/from photoshoots or events as long as we have your parent’s permission. We can’t be late to events/shoots though so be prepared to arrive early.
  • Only 2 students from the same school – which means yes, you might get to intern with your BFF! We only ask that you keep any school drama at school.
  • Motivation to be photographed; it is a perk if you like having your photo taken. If you’re into photography but don’t like being photographed this isn’t probably a great fit for you because part of the program will be a photoshoot with us. After all it a great way to learn what it feels like to be part of a shoot. We will share your photos online over the summer in hopes of showing the types of senior photoshoots we offer to other seniors in the area.

The Internship:

  • As far as cash in hand goes, this is not a paid internship, but we Do have some great incentives, see below!
  • As an intern you will help us (well, really this will be helping me, Alisha) do things that photography businesses have to do; like assisting at a photoshoot (i.e. holding our lighting, carrying equipment, carrying client wardrobe bags, helping get pets’ attention, etc), help with social media posting, helping at events where we have a booth, preparing mailings, product inventory, organizing wardrobe and props, preparing the consultation room for consultations, etc etc. Your hours will be logged and there are incentives for the hours you help.
  • Don’t worry! We will train you before you do any of those things. You’ll learn about the ins & outs of running a small business and you won’t be alone to do anything, I will be there or near by.
  • We won’t force you to work any specific hours; how it works is when we have a photoshoot booked we will email interns to see if anyone wants to assist, first to respond will get the hours. Depending on the type of photoshoot sometimes 2 assistants work. Most photoshoots will be a total of 2-3 hours (sometimes more depending on the location.) For the in-studio work, we will email available hours for you to choose from every couple weeks. You will be responsible for showing up for the hours you accept. Communication is key.

The Incentives:

  • If you are selected as one of the SLIS interns you will receive a senior photoshoot at 50% off and free hair & make-up styling (if you want it). That means your photoshoot will be $150 instead of $300 (well, $400 normally with styling)…and we don’t expect you to pay the $150 in cash, you’ll earn it with your logged Intern Hours. *Keep In Mind All Images Are Sold Separately*
  • Each logged Internship Hour counts as $10.00 in Incentives.
  • Our meeting with your parent will not count toward your Incentive hours. Your senior photoshoot will not count toward hours. Travel to/from our studio from your home will not count toward hours. We will count training time, and travel with us to/from photoshoots and events and of course the time it takes to do tasks while you are here.
  • Once you’ve worked your first 15 Internship hours we will set up your personal senior photoshoot. This will be treated like any other private photoshoot, a photoshoot that is all about you and what you want. We’re confident that we will like the style you choose to do, enough to share it for others to see our work. As you can see we’ve done a lot of different styles from outdoorsy to urban to beachy and of course including your pet in a few photos is encouraged. We love pets.
  • A couple weeks after your senior photoshoot we will have an order meeting with you and your parent/s to discuss which images you would like and what you would like to order. Again, we don’t expect you to pay with cash, we would love your help and you can use Incentive hours to earn your order instead. Take a look at our Boutique to get a feel for our pricing before.
  • For students  entering the world of work and adulting after graduation, if we work at least 15 hours together I would be happy to share our experience together for your applications as a reference.
  • Another way to earn Incentives besides Intern Hours is Intern Referrals. This is where your parents are welcome to help, any photoshoot booked & completed (besides our charity mini pet photoshoots) are worth $20 in Incentives. After your photoshoot you will get some wallets to pass out to friends and family with your photos and our website on them to show what our photos are like.

If this all sounds good, complete this application (all fields are required) and we will get back to you within 2 business days M-F 9A-5P.

Class of 2017 Senior Intern Application

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