Pepsi Atlas, A Boston Terrier Loved Forever

In the Summer of 2015, a year and a half before I lost my beloved best friend – my 14-year old Boston Terrier named Pepsi – I had an opportunity to do a photoshoot with “Some Like It Shot Photography” and the magical Alisha McGraw.  For many years, I dreamed of doing a pinup shoot with Alisha and finally my chance arrived!  I already had many poses in mind as I had collected lots of images over the years of poses I wanted to do if ever this occasion occurred!  Now it was just a matter of picking out outfits and having fun!

During this time, Pepsi’s health was spiraling downwards quickly.  I recall one day I was emailing with Alisha prior to the shoot and she suggested that rather than doing a pinup shoot, perhaps I should do a regular photoshoot with Pepsi instead.  What a great recommendation and decision that turned out to be.  I lost Pepsi in January of 2017.

Alisha captured so much of Pepsi’s beauty during a time when he was no longer quite “beautiful”.  Well, he was always beautiful in my eyes!  But Cushing’s and old age took a toll on Pepsi’s health and appearance.  He had lost a lot of fur and the coat he had was scruffy and dull.  Dementia, loss of eyesight, and hearing loss made it difficult for him to be the good, patient boy he always used to be.  Pepsi used to love having his picture taken – but now it was a challenge.

Yet somehow (this is why I call her magical) Alisha managed to create images of Pepsi that depict the amazing pup he was – my companion who was always so full of life – absolutely shined in these photos.  I now have incredible, photographic, documented memories of the love and bond that Pepsi and I shared during our fourteen years together.

I am most thankful to Alisha for giving me a gift that I didn’t even realize I needed.  Alisha’s patience with us during the photoshoot, her dedication to getting the perfect shot, and her professionalism even when she was exhausted from her travels was amazing.  Most of all, I am appreciative for the love and compassion she had for me and Pepsi during what was a difficult time in my life.  Intuitively she already knew what lied ahead for Pepsi and me.

It hasn’t been a full year since Pepsi left me.  The pain is still real – the grief still deep – and the hole in my heart will never truly be healed.  But the pain was worth it as Pepsi gave me the best years of my life.  He was certainly the best darned pup a girl could ever ask for!  Pepsi taught me how to laugh – how to play – how to fully live – and how to love – all things he did so well.

Thank you, Some Like It Shot Photography, for telling our story through images, for capturing our special moments, and giving me a bit of Pepsi’s love and life that I can now hang onto forever. I hope one day I will have another chance to take pictures and make memories with you again!


CA Photo Tour 2016

Our annual trip to CA this year will be a little different than those of the past, I (Alisha) will be coming by plane instead of the big road trip we usually enjoy. I’d love to photograph our favorite people in SoCal before the wedding we have booked; however, I’ll need you to come to me this year. I’ll be staying in Long Beach, CA and photoshoots will be in Long Beach (I might be able to go a little bit away if you drive depending on my photoshoot schedule.)

We officially book photoshoots based on who gives us their deposit 1st…Space Is Limited!

Tuesday, March 22nd – Long Beach Portrait Photoshoots  (1 morning, 1 afternoon, 1 sunset) It can be for families, pinups, individual or high school seniors etc. There is a dog beach area near by so we can definitely include dog friendly dogs. CONTACT US FOR FULL DETAILS & TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT

Wednesday, March 23rd – Long Beach Portrait Photoshoots  (1 morning, 1 afternoon, 1 sunset (booked)) It can be for families, pinups, individual or high school seniors etc. There is a dog beach area near by so we can definitely include dog friendly dogs. CONTACT US FOR FULL DETAILS & TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT

Thursday, March 24th – PinUp Artwork With Pets (4 spots 2 Spots Left) $400 *Quiet pets are welcome to stay with us in the room during styling. If you have a high energy or vocal pet it is best if you can have a friend take care of your pet and come back for photo time after your hair & make-up is complete. Two Options: You can either have 3 Calendar Art Style images (a different outfit for each, a different phrase for each, a different solid colored background for each). -OR- 1 full scene digital artwork image. CONTACT US FOR FULL DETAILS & TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT


Hope to hear from you!! Here is an artwork image artist Paul Roman Martinez made for us to commemorate all of the fun trips to CA we’ve made in our car with our dogs. Enjoy :)

Hearst Castle California By Car of McGraw Family Art By Paul Roman Martinez for Some Like It Shot


Wisconsin Photo Tour 2015 – July

Hello Wisconsin! We are coming to visit once again for a short few days this July. We are booking photoshoots while we are in town! Hope to see you!! Yay Lightening Bugs!

More Info Coming Soon...

WHEN WILL YOU BE IN WISCONSIN & WHERE? Mostly we will be in the Waunakee/Madison area, but we can travel to the outskirts. 

  • Thur. July 9th BOOKED Sue & Pete
  • Friday July 10th Morning AVAILABLE
  • Friday July 10th Afternoon – BOOKED John & Dustin Rehearsal
  • Saturday July 11th BOOKED Dustin & John Wedding YAY!
  • Sunday July 12th – BOOKED Chicago
  • Monday July 13th Morning AVAILABLE
  • Monday July 13th Sunset BOOKED Mark’s Senior Photos
  • Tuesday July 14th Morning AVAILABLE


*Pets are welcome & encouraged in almost all photoshoots*

$200 + cost of images for pets only

$300 +cost of images; familiesindividualscouplesmaternitybabyHS seniors

$400 +cost of images; boudoir w/stylingpin up w/styling

Cost Of Images: we have listed out prices of everything from prints to discs etc; please click on this link for prices: Personal Use Boutique

*If you’ve had a photoshoot with us before then you’ve earned a returning client bonus $20 for every photoshoot you’ve had with us in the past.

HOW CAN I RESERVE A PHOTOSHOOT? Please submit the form below, we will contact you in 48 hours (check your spam folder just incase). We will send an emailed invoice for your $100 deposit to reserve the date/time. The remaining balance is due at your photoshoot.

Dia De Los Muertos – Day of The Dead

This year seems to have been especially hard on us and many of our friends. So many people seemed to lose the ones they loved; whether that be human or pets. Not a month went by where at least one of our close friends didn’t go through the painful heart break, and after losing our first fur child Charlie in April we have a new perspective on the pain this causes. This Day of the Dead we decided to give honor to Charlie, for all that he taught us while he was alive and after he died. Dia Day Los Muertos is a 2 day celebration in which the pain is subsided as we honor those who have left us. Nov 1st it typically Dia De Los Angelitos (Day of the Little Angels) honoring children who have died. Since we considered Charlie our child we felt today was the best day to honor his life. Mr. Boo, this one is for you.

Doggie De Los Muertos Kent Seattle WA


We’ve had clients participate in Dia De Los Muertos style creative photoshoots as well and hope more come include some of this traditional celebration into their fall photoshoots.

Dia De Los Angelitos Child Day of the Dead Kent Seattle Tacoma WA

Black Widow Dia De Los Muertos Catrina Kent WA Seattle

Dia De Los Muertos Celebration Catrinas  Sombrero Dia De Los Muertos Seattle WA

to be or not to be painted dis de los muertos www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.comamor de los muertos couple with spider chrome car www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.comblack and white dia de los muertos shadows paws whiskers dia de los muertos www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.comskeleton moon de los muertos


Some like it colorful

Some like it creative

Some Like It Shot

Halloween Costume Photo Minis 2014

Halloween Costume Minis 2014 in Kent WA by

Full Costumed pets & people of all ages are welcome at our 2014 Halloween Costume Photo Minis. Our new residential studio will be decorated and ready for costumed friends of all kinds! Pre-Registration is required!! Register Below!

  • DATE: Halloween Day Friday October 31st 2014
  • LOCATION: Kent, WA (near Kent Station)
  • COST: $20
  • INCLUDES: 1 Large Digital Image (photographers choice) for at home printing and a Web copy for online sharing Emailed to you next day. Also includes an online ordering gallery for optional additional orders.
  • These minis are for people and pets of all ages but you MUST BE IN FULL COSTUME :) Maximum of 2 subjects per mini.
  • Join our Facebook event for more samples and Q & A about this day:


1. Complete the Registration Form     2. We will let you know if any last min spots are available.