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Life Is Ruff shopping pin up vintage clothes with puppy by www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.comWe have vintage outfit options available to our clients to try on during their photoshoot consultation (dresses, lingerie, skirts, hats, gloves, and accessories). 99% of our wardrobe is real vintage and mostly women’s. Real vintage (from the 40s/50s) means a few things; Majority of the outfits are unfortunatly x-small, small or medium (people used to be smaller in the 40s/50s … we have a tough time finding ‘cute’ large/XL/XXL size real vintage wardrobe). If an outfit doesn’t fit perfectly that’s OK as long as it is close, we can keep zippers open or clamp the back during the photoshoot. Sometimes there are imperfections in the outfit – which can be photoshopped in final images that a client orders. Our outfits are kept as nicely as possible, we dry-clean them; however, some photoshoots with cool old cars or rustic locations are dirty and cause small stains over time. We love the outfits anyway and can still use them. Sometimes life happens,  straps break, beads pop off … we totally understand and we do mend them but the imperfections might show in the next photoshoot. Not all clients prefer real vintage and not all clients find an outfit in their theme that fits them, this is where providing your own outfit is extremely beneficial at a photoshoot *not to mention having a unique look. Here are some stores we think you might like to check out – since we offer an Annual West Coast Tour we are providing stores we know and like along the West Coast as well as online stores :



Etsy & EBay KeyWords to search: vintage, pin up, rockabilly, vlv, corset, circle skirt, WWII, betty page, pencil skirt.

Happy Shopping!!

A Magic Day With Sandy & Family

With a sparkling handful of floo power drifting in the fireplace we stepped into the magical flames and declared our trip to San Diego’s Balboa Park where we met with Harry Potter fans Linda, Martin and their gorgeous White Shepherd named Sandy.

Grab your butter beer and get cozy because “Relashio”, you can now enjoy the Self-Shuffling images:

We traveled to a few different areas of the magical Balboa Park on our magical photoshoot  day. Sandy was photographed with some Aconite, an ingredient in potions used to make her photos turn out beautiful.


We actually didn’t know how much of a fan the family was until they arrived, prepared with Harry Potter books, shirts and Sandy’s favorite owl toy. As far as wizardry knowledge goes, I’m pretty sure they would pass the O.W.L if given the exam. We were just Bozo’s taking photos for the day.



The Zen garden roots are always a nice photo background and hiding place too for Bowtruckles concerned by our little adventure in their territory.

Bowtruckles sandy the white shepherd www.somelikeitshotphotography.com

With a wave of her wand Linda cast the “Aguamenti” spell so that we could have some nice water reflection photos with Sandy and the family.


We saw the Gillyweed plant floating in the reflective pond but didn’t decide to give it a try. It was clear that some koi had eaten enough to have gills the rest of they lives as they swam in and out of the reflections.


Overall it was a beautiful, happy magical day with Sandy and her family! Let this blog become a Pensieve of the wonderful time we had together!


Some like magic wands

Some like magical owls

Some Like It Shot

Southern CA Photo Shoots Sept. 2013

Some Like It Shot will be in Southern California at the end of September 2013 & we are SOLD OUT for this event!! We plan on being in CA again Summer 2014! Starting with an amazing wedding in San Francisco mid June and heading to San Diego road-trip style afterward (yes, we can make stops along the way). If we missed you this time hope to see you in 2014!!

CA photoshoots SOLD OUT www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com San Francisco - San Diego


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Annette’s Comp Card Photo Shoot

Annette Comp Card photography

In November, Some Like It Shot, had the pleasure of photographing Annette’s Comp Card for catalog modeling at one of our favorite San Diego’s locations, Balboa Park.  The park is rich in history and connected to events that have made us great as a country. Continue reading