Barktoberfest 10/10/15

Fall is here and so are our annual Barktoberfest Fall Mini Photoshoots for pets!!

pet photos at Barktoberfest

includes a 15 min pet only mini photoshoot in the lovely fall colored leaves… maximum 2 pets per mini photoshoot. You will be emailed 1 large digital image (photographer’s choice) with leashes edited out and have the option to order other images in print or digital format from an online ordering gallery available for 6 months.
$20 from each photo mini will be donated to Auburn Valley Humane Society.

Visit us at Auburn Valley Humane Society‘s 2015 Barktoberfest & Rover Romp located at Roegner Park in Auburn, WA.

Reserve Your Barktoberfest Pet Mini Time
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  • 10:20A Starr
  • 10:40A Tucker & Cady
  • 11:00A Finley
  • 11:20 Pending Mimi
  • 11:40 Pending Mimi
  • 12:00P Chance & Lexi
  • 12:20P Phoebe & Piper

OoLaLa Boudoir January 2015

OoLaLa Boudoir with tophat Jan 2015 Kent Seattle Tacoma WA

The entire month of January 2015 we are offering Vintage 1920s Style boudoir photoshoots at our Kent, WA location. These are perfect timing for Valentine’s Day gifts and are at a special discounted rate all month, $200 + cost of images (that is a $100 savings). We will pamper you on your photo day with 1920s style hair and make-up before photographing with our vintage sofa, chair, and end with a claw foot bubble bath.

How it works?

  1. Please read the entire blog
  2. Once you’re ready to book a date, complete the form below.
  3. We will email back with some dates available for your consultation and a $100 paypal invoice to book the January date you are hoping for…the remaining $100 will be due the day of your photoshoot.
  4. Consultations take place at our Kent, WA location. We will go over wardrobe, styling options and ordering options. We suggest the earlier the better, this way you have time to prepare for your photoshoot without feeling rushed.
  5. Your Oo La La Boudoir photoshoot includes hair & make-up styling. It will take approximately 5 hours total for styling and photos at our Kent, WA location. Because we are indoors the photoshoots can take place any time of day. You will need to select an AVAILABLE Jan 2015 date from Our Calendar
  6. Approx. 2 weeks after your photoshoot you will receive an online ordering gallery with 50-100 images. This gallery will be available for 6 months. You can purchase any of the items from our Boutique – click on an item to see the price/details.
  7. Once an image is ordered we will give it the lovely Some Like It Shot editing, enhancing the features you love and editing the things you don’t.
  8. Ready to OoLaLa Boudoir? Please complete this form & we will be in touch (please make sure to check your spam folder! sometimes our emails automatically go there)

OoLaLa Boudoir Vintage Valentines Day photoshoots Kent Seattle Tacoma WA

Adventures With Jess C Bunny

There are certainly some people who cross our life paths and leave an everlasting mark. Jess C Bunny is possibly the most frequent passer by leaving good memories each time. First, we met when our business was in San Diego and her & her fiancé, Josh, were stationed in Coronado CA. Her mom stumbled upon our website while searching for an engagement photographer, if it weren’t for her love of animals and our love of pet photography, our lives would be very different today and missing many cherished friends we’ve met.

red truck window Jess C Bunny pin up photography 1950s blonde by

In Coronado, CA in 2010, we took engagement photos of Jess C & Josh on the beautiful beach near Hotel Del Coronado and some with USS Nimitz in the background. As well as with Josh’s one time motorcycle love and a dipped kiss so adorable it could compete with the NYC WWII Kiss with the sailor & nurse. (If we ever go to NY you can expect a remake of that).

mirror and makeup Jess C Bunny pin up photography 1950s blonde by

In 2011 we were asked to photograph their beautiful hometown wedding in Waunakee, WI. In July, I packed all my gear and headed to the most humid experience of my life for Jess C’s bridal shower at The Cabin. This was my first taste of WI hospitality, everyone there was inclusive and made me feel like I was a part of their family. Although I was working, I had the opportunity to share the experience with the group of women as we all melted in 100+ degrees of midwest summer fun.

Jess C Bunny pin up photography 1950s blonde by

That same trip, I had the privilege of seeing fire flies for the first time in my life, many people know this started a fascination and I hope to see them again some day. Little stars on the ground flickering all around. I also got to photograph Jess C’s family and extended family at their dairy farm, an experience like no other.

behind the scenes Jess C Bunny pin up photography 1950s blonde by

We had 1 day to hang out and play in WI so her parents drove us to go antiquing at their old elementary school, which has since been turned into an antique mall. We experienced the Mississippi River from a northern perspective and spent part of the day wandering around Madison, WI.

fixing the chevelleJess C Bunny pin up photography 1950s blonde by

When September rolled around both Holland and I drove from San Diego to WI to photograph Jess C & Josh’s wedding. After a night of karaoke, us girls headed back to sleep for the big day wedding ahead of us. We ate Grandma Jean’s delicious waffle breakfast and got ready for the home town wedding… well small town maybe, but small wedding, not at all. We enjoyed a full day celebrating the two at the places they could look back at and call their home.

mechanic Jess C Bunny pin up photography 1950s blonde by

Soon after their wedding, Josh’s ship was stationed in WA State. It was sad to see them move away after making such a good friendship. To an extent I felt like a big sister to Jess C since we are about a decade apart and had so much in common. Fortunately, WA is my hometown and I had parents, family and friends to come back and visit once a year or so.

galaxy driver Jess C Bunny pin up photography 1950s blonde by

For the first year or so I came back to visit and had some adventures with Jess C. while Josh was away at work. Since she was in a new area it was fun to be her tourist guide while I was touring my old stomping grounds. Jessie was a student at UW, on a South campus, so I got to be the first to take her to the main UW campus in all its mighty glory. We visited the troll under the bridge and ran into a few hundred Santa’s at the Santa Con. Hard to forget that kind of random fun. We took photos at my favorite view of Mt Rainier in my hometown in Auburn, WA before calling it a day in the brisk winter weather.

polka dot picnic Jess C Bunny pin up photography 1950s blonde by

Little did I know that one day we would also be moving back to WA! Just as they were settling in North of Seattle, Holland and I moved our entire business to just South of Seattle making us just a few cities away instead of states. My very first adventure as I claimed my Washingtonian status was with Jess C as we traveled to the infamous Forks, WA and La Push area to relive our Twilight memories (Click Here To Read That Blog). We also went to the Tulip Festival together for the very first time for both of us. (that blog is still coming). They adopted their first puppy Toby and we had the honor of photographing many of his holiday doggy photos throughout the year while Josh was deployed.

beach ball bay Jess C Bunny pin up photography 1950s blonde by

In the summer while Josh was still away we had fun at this Cars & Cuties PinUp photoshoot, photographing the ladies out at the Hood Canal for their deployed husbands. Then the day came when Josh and the USS Nimitz finally returned, only to find out that Jessie and Josh were now being stationed in New York with only a few weeks notice before the big move. So we had our spa day and said our farewells once again as they started their journey on the East Coast.

sunglasses Jess C Bunny pin up photography 1950s blonde by

Fortunately we’ve been encouraged to plan a trip to WI again this fall, at the same time Jessie and Josh will be visiting. Can’t wait to see all our friends for the adventure that is always To Be Continued. Until then, enjoy some of Jess C Bunnies Cars & Cuties images in this video:

Miss you guys! Congrats on your newest doggy family member. Can’t what to meet her!

Some like being stationed in San Diego, CA

Some like being stationed in Seattle, WA

Some Like It Shot

Our Favorite Pin Up & Vintage Wardrobe Stores

Life Is Ruff shopping pin up vintage clothes with puppy by www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.comWe have vintage outfit options available to our clients to try on during their photoshoot consultation (dresses, lingerie, skirts, hats, gloves, and accessories). 99% of our wardrobe is real vintage and mostly women’s. Real vintage (from the 40s/50s) means a few things; Majority of the outfits are unfortunatly x-small, small or medium (people used to be smaller in the 40s/50s … we have a tough time finding ‘cute’ large/XL/XXL size real vintage wardrobe). If an outfit doesn’t fit perfectly that’s OK as long as it is close, we can keep zippers open or clamp the back during the photoshoot. Sometimes there are imperfections in the outfit – which can be photoshopped in final images that a client orders. Our outfits are kept as nicely as possible, we dry-clean them; however, some photoshoots with cool old cars or rustic locations are dirty and cause small stains over time. We love the outfits anyway and can still use them. Sometimes life happens,  straps break, beads pop off … we totally understand and we do mend them but the imperfections might show in the next photoshoot. Not all clients prefer real vintage and not all clients find an outfit in their theme that fits them, this is where providing your own outfit is extremely beneficial at a photoshoot *not to mention having a unique look. Here are some stores we think you might like to check out – since we offer an Annual West Coast Tour we are providing stores we know and like along the West Coast as well as online stores :



Etsy & EBay KeyWords to search: vintage, pin up, rockabilly, vlv, corset, circle skirt, WWII, betty page, pencil skirt.

Happy Shopping!!

Identical Twins 2013 Calendar Art Photo Shoot

Around this time last year we announced our big plans to move back to my hometown in WA State and to celebrate we hosted a contest for our Facebook fans to win a Free Calendar Art Photoshoot. Not just any photoshoot, they would be our very 1st photoshoot back in WA. Well, it was an intense competition but our contest winners were the lovely Nester Twins!calendar art twins by Seattle/Tacoma

We decided to create a calendar theme sharing little insights of the life of a twin. Like the one question that makes them cringe … “Are You Two Twins?”. They brought their doggies with them for a couple shots, the story goes that these two twins are not only gorgeous but they are also super sweet & caring. They used to volunteer at the humane society and both dogs were adopted from there too. While the twins were styled by Lacey of Blushing Babes Make-up Design, their furry kids got some much needed snuggle time on their laps.

behind the scenes dogs calendar art twins by Seattle/Tacoma

Once the photoshoot began we were on a roll with wardrobe flying off and on, flowers and accessories being changed throughout and posing to make the theme thrive. For anyone  interested in your own calendar, prices & details can be found on our Artwork page. The last day that we offer calendar shoots to be ready for the holidays is Oct 31st aka Halloween each year…but they are offered year round and the month can start at any time.02OneSoul_WEB

Sometimes we didn’t have the exact color of wardrobe needed to perfectly match so we used some photomagic :) can you tell what was not originally green/black?


We love photographing twins, one year we photographed 5 different sets of twins with ages ranging from newborn to adult but not all were identical. I can see how this quote rings true…


We got to play cowgirl/country girl a little for their May image.


We added balloons and their furry kids to celebrate their June birthdays.


The twins came up with their own phrases before the shoot, this helps us think of poses and background ideas ahead of time.


No calendar would be complete without a sunny August swimsuit shot.08August_WEB

They don’t actually dress identical, but they did just for the photoshoot.


No Harley’s were harmed in the making of this photo for their October image :) it was a little more artwork than we normally do but when you have a Harley Davidson in the image plain is just crazy – we needed some pizzazz.


Happy Thanksgiving & thank you for being so sweet!!


Last but not least, one my my favorites and I bet this one is so true.


Thanks Again Brittni & Brandi you are fantastic!!! Hope your modeling career takes you to many fabulous places. We were proud to be your photographers and happy that you were our very first photoshoot in WA 2013!!

twins snap shot holding their calendar

Some like twins

Some like calendars

Some Like It Shot