Celebrating Kristin & Mark

Just East of San Francisco, their wedding took place on a warm June 15th. Everything went as planned, there are not many weddings we’ve witnessed that could say the same.

Kristen and Mark Wedding SF CA by Some Like It Shot

Their San Francisco engagement photoshoot had just as much luck with weather, we drove from Seattle to SF & were surprised to have a beautiful sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge. It was the first time we’ve ever seen it without fog.

San Francisco golden gate bridge baseball sunset photos by Some Like It Shot



A Graffiti and Glass Blowing Wedding

Washingtonians who commute into Seattle from the South are familiar with the red Rainier Brewery “R”, and some of us are familiar with the struggle the community has had to keep that significant sign on the building as it switched from owner to owner over the years.    Claudia and Ted told us they chose a non-traditional venue, which we absolutely love, but we couldn’t even  imagine the vibrant street art graffiti design covering every inch of the walls inside the Rainier Glass Blowing Studio of the Old Rainier Factory.ct wedding rings seattle www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding They really lucked out considering most of the wedding was outdoors. It was September in WA, and we just finished enjoying a beautiful warm summer, but the weather was clearly changing to typical fall with tones of grey skies and wet weekends. Looking back, I want to say this was the last perfect summer-feeling weekend. Some of the cupcakes didn’t quite survive the commute, which gave Claudia’s family the fun task of making frosting look pretty before the wedding couple arrived…which they mastered!wedding cupcakes fail and fix www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding  Once the bride and groom arrived, all kinks were ironed out and the party began. Just a small group of friends were invited to attend the ceremony, as people settled in their seats, Claudia and Ted prepared for the moment when all eyes would be on them.ct wedding rainier glass venue www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding It was the record shortest ceremony we’ve ever photographed, and as requested by their friend who officiated the ceremony, Ted ‘put a ring on it’ and Claudia did ‘kiss her husband’.ct wedding vows ring on it www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding Afterward they were just beaming!! Not the kind of joy a couple has after dating a few months, or planning for a year, no this was a kind of joy that could only come from a couple who had been together for years and a new reality was sinking in.ct were married www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding wedding street art www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding wedding dip graffiti www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding Someone dimmed the lights, well it was outside so it wasn’t like we had a choice, and the venue came to life in a whole new way. Twinkling string lights floated above everyone as they enjoyed mouth watering BBQ and mini cupcakes.wedding night party www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding Inside two glass blowing experts helped guests create a custom glass keepsake that Claudia and Ted planned for them all to take home. A selfie-station was set up for guests to print photos from their phones to add to the guest book. I don’t think a single person could have been bored at this venue with so much to view, so much to do, and the celebration…too.wedding glass blowing seattle www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding wedding selfie station www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding Tossing the bouquet & garter went perfectly and guests weren’t shy to get on the dance floorwedding bouquet toss www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding ct wedding dancing www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding We ended the night with the glowing red sign, a sign which meant a little more to all of us than it did before. To us it will always be the place Claudia and Ted were wed.ct rainier beer sign night seattle www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding ct wedding night purple gel www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com Seattle wedding Some like graffiti

Some like glass blowing

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Stacey, Chris & The Stormy Seattle Sunset

This summer in WA was phenomenal; 0 days of rain in July and up until this wonderful August day we didn’t have a hint of rain. Of course we almost had a mild panic attack when mother nature decided to have a crazy storm drop in and burst our summer bubble the day of this photoshoot. The morning was overcast and it even was sprinkling while Magnificent Marjani was working her magic with Stacey’s hair and make-up for their wedding bridal portraits.

sunset wedding photos in Alki Seattle photography www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com

We drove to Alki Beach and as we turned the bend a glorious light started peeking from the clouds. No doubt our luck was changing by the minute. All our packed umbrellas were left in the car as we headed to the dock and beach to hopefully get a few warm shots.

downtown wedding photos in Alki Seattle photography www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com

We posed them just in time to get a shot with some light on the city between clouds but then the most vibrant colors started showing toward the west. It started with an orange gold, we were giddy to see any color and this would have been perfect for us, but then it kept changing…

golden sunset kiss wedding photos in Alki Seattle photography www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com

It was like a perfect painting, every color of the rainbow was bursting through the clouds – we were in awe as we watched the sky change like a kaleidoscope before our eyes.

colorful sunset wedding photos in Alki Seattle photography www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com

Chris & Stacey provided our assistant for the day…their lovely daughter Lily. She thought she would get out of photos since she didn’t dress up…well we surprised her I suppose.

with daughter wedding photos in Alki Seattle photography www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com

As the sun went away, downtown Seattle’s skyline began to glow as we took a couple night photos. Don’t be fooled though, the colorful sky didn’t provide much warmth.downtown night wedding photos in Alki Seattle photography www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com

Stacey also moved to WA from San Diego and I think we all agree. WE LOVE SEATTLE! Even when it tricks us into thinking weather will be one way and changes last minute to something else. As we like to say … our weather is a bit Bi-Polar so if you don’t like what you see just wait a few minutes.

heart i love seattle wedding photos in Alki Seattle photography www.SomeLikeItShotPhotography.com

Some like weddings at the beach

Some like colorful sunset colors

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